CARBON HILL – January 17th, 2016 – Final Update‏

Hi everybody,

The trails received a little bit of snow but not enough to say hurray ! so we will implement the following changes:

Teams size Limit:

– 30 miles: 8 dogs sleds, 2-4 dogs skijorers
– 10 miles: 6 dogs sleds, 1-2 dogs skijorers
– 6 miles: 4 dogs sleds, 1-2 dogs skijorers, 1-2 dogs others – starting in that order.

30 miles and 10 miles trail update:

The 30 Miles will take the direction of Annie Lake and head back:
Leave from the Mount Lorne Community Centre and go out on the golf course, cross the golf course and go through a section of bush trail, which leads you onto McConnell lake, cross the lake. Go through the woods for about a mile and then onto the Pope Road. Keep an eye out for vehicles and go 1 mile down the road and turn right on the Alligator Road. Follow this trail to the first main intersection and go left towards Annie Lake (Carbon Hill trail). Do NOT go straight ahead/right towards Alligator Lake. You will cross the Watson River and later you will cross a creek. At this crossing take the bypass trail on the right (when going out) as the regular crossing is still open. After about 12 miles cross Annie Lake Road and head out on the lake. Go around the lake CLOCKWISE then go back across the road and follow the same trail back.

The 10 miles will take the direction of Mary Lake and head back:
Leave the Mount Lorne Community Centre and go out on the golf course, turn right going like if going to the Mc Connell lake loop, but turn right before climbing the hill to reach the train tracks. Cross the tracks and turn left following the only trail, go up a ridge and turn right at the sign “keep right”, stay right and go downhill. At the bottom, stay left and climb the hill back up, and come back the same trail.

Be aware that because of the changes, trail distances may vary.

Refer to the event description for any other information. Please bring cash for registration, food and drinks. The new DPSAY t-shirts will also be available for purchase at $15 each.

See you Sunday !


One thought on “CARBON HILL – January 17th, 2016 – Final Update‏

  1. My name is Michelle and I live on Annie Lake. I used to volunteer at the Carbon Hill every year and I enjoy seeing mushers out with their teams. Dog mushing is one of the unique things about the Yukon. We all love to live here because of the space we have.

    What I don’t like are the phone calls I have been getting calls to TELL me to tie my dogs up and that they like to chase teams. My yard is fenced and they do not chase teams. If I know there is a race I will keep them in the yard. What you should be doing is asking if your race interferes with home owners plans and to apologize for the inconvenience the race causes. I don’t need to be TOLD what to do.

    I know DPSAY was not the organizer of the early Jan race, but I was phoned and TOLD to tie my 2 dogs because of a two day race. A few months previous I had organized a New Years event that included use of the lake with our skis, snowshoes and dogs. To be phoned by a musher and TOLD that race was taking place was very rude and presumptuous. What makes you entitled over me?

    I hope this never takes place again. This is my HOME and I do not have many choices of where to go because all of the trails around my house are dog sled trails. I stay off them, as to minimize upsets, but you need to leave me somewhere to go. I have started to think of dog teams like you do of the jeeps who are taking over the trails.

    Let’s be courteous of one another. DPSAY should not assume entitlement over home owners. It does not endear you to anyone, even me, a dog lover.

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