DPSAY Club Constitution

1) To promote dog powered sports, for all ages and disciplines, within the Yukon.

2) To preserve the historical and cultural significance of dog powered sports within the Yukon.

3) To promote quality dog husbandry within the Yukon; to establish open communication with governmental bodies concerning animal rights legislation.

4) To work on setting up a location for, and constructing, a multi-use clubhouse.

5) To assist dog powered sports enthusiasts with sourcing out supplies and vet care at reasonable prices.

6) To revitalize the local racing circuit.

7) Aim to organize at least one race per year.

8 ) To map and create a designated trail system primarily for the use of dog powered sports enthusiasts; to establish a network of cabins along the trail system.

9) To work cooperatively and share resources with other organizations, which share similar goals.


2 thoughts on “Constitution

  1. Hi there DPSAY
    How is number 8 coming along? I know there was talk of this for the past three years but the focus of DPSAY has always been competitive races – any headway on this item from the constutution?

    just wondering

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