This is the official blog for the Dog Powered Sports Association of the Yukon (DPSAY) based in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada.

This non-profit organization was started by a group of individuals in the Yukon dedicated to dog-powered sports.  Over the past few years, we have hosted a variety of events including educational symposiums, races, weight pull contests, and been a forum for those involved in dog-powered sports.

Throughout the year we run monthly local races in and around Whitehorse.  Depending on the season, these races involve dog sledding, skijoring, kick-sledding, cani-cross, bike-joring and even some unique forms of dog-powered sports (GT racer-pulling?)!

DPSAY also organizes a 100 mile race that involved both sleds and skis and usually takes place on the last weekend in February. The trail has changed over the years from going from Whitehorse to and past Mendenhall (Road and River Runners), Whitehorse to Braeburn (Cinnamon Bun Run) and for the first time last year it was held on the Annie Lake/Fish Lake trail system (Granger Grind).   February 2018 will see the 9th annual running of this race.  There will also be a 50 and 100 mile skijor category.  For more information, check out the mid-distance race tab on this site and revisit us for updates of this exciting event.

Please contact us with any questions or comments.  We would love to hear from you!



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  1. looking forward to this site up and running. We live in Dawson and dont make it to Whitehorse often, so I am interested in hearing more about the DPSA! Great to see a way for us to contect!

  2. I know of a community that is interested in hosting a sleddog race, but like so many not to many know how or even a clue where to start.
    I think DPSAY should write up a letter and send it to as many communitys and to as many of the native bands in the communitys and include a nice letter about how hosting sleddog races and sleddog events (skijoring, weightpulls, ect) can boost community involvment and tourisim. As well as the traditional and cutural sides of winter dog sports.
    I think it would be a great way to open the doors to get more people to know where to ask the questions that they need, to host an event.
    I also think DPSAY should try and figure out setting up a “meeting” in a few communitys (I am sure there is a musher or communitys will help with cover costs for bringing in people) to explaine what is needed and how to set up a race in the area. I am sure if you spaced the meetings out and advertised in advance, other communitys can send a couple people over to get the “jist” of it.
    I also think once some communitys jump on board with this, DSPAY should set up a race circuit, for distance and sprint. This will help many mushers be able to plan for races and hopefully bring people in from the south to race. Alaska has ALOT of races, but there are many here in the yukon and Alberta and BC that cant make it to Alaska but would consider Yukon.
    I hope to race and having a curcuit up here or just a bunch more races would be a big help in getting the experiance and training we need, Also there are alot of mushers that can not get accross the border, and something like this might boost Yukons tourism a little bit. I know many races have faded out, but we are in a time ( i think) of mushing and especially distance racing is coming back
    I truly belive that the native bands could be a huge help in this as well.

    just another thought, is there any way someone can talk to Steve Watson at breaburn and see if he (or someone at the lodge) might consider doing the cinnimon bun run again?

    • Hi Sarah – I think that’s a great idea for the future. Right now, focusing on getting this race going is taking up a lot of the time of board members and volunteers, but I’ll bring the idea forward at the next meeting. A race circuit is a great idea for the future – maybe it’s something we can discuss in spring/summer. And to know that other communities are interested is GREAT!!!

      Talking to Steve is an idea, I’m not familiar with that race though. That might be an idea for next year though and for part of a race circuit.

  3. i should also note , I am one who has tried to get the ball rolling a few times, but like many I have no idea how to start hosting a dog sled race, and was in a community that had no clue either 😦 I am more than willing to help though should something in my area come up. I have a really hard time getting away from home to be help somewhere else 😦

  4. Hi Pete,

    Please see Rule #4 under the “Dogs, Handling and Care” section of the Twister Rules that states:
    All dogs entered in the race should have current vaccinations for parvovirus, distemper and current rabies certificates; the musher/driver may be required to present these certificates to the RM or DPSAY Board Member(s).

    Therefore, vaccinations do not have to be done yearly (as they may be valid for longer than this) but must be current.

    • Hi Luc,
      The forms from Duffy’s are being picked up today (they are closed Sunday/Monday) and your profile should be on the website soon. Thanks! – Kyla

  5. Hello Dog Powered People and Dogs, you know me from the Carbon Hill Race I did the trails for the last few years. since about four weeks I’m working on the oil & gas development issue and try tpo stop it.
    We run out of time to have input with our comments, but we are asking for an extension.
    We organized a Fundraiser concert with several different musicians and speakers. Please come and invite as many friends as you can.

    Yukoners concerned about oil and gas
    exploration /development
    Invites you to a

    With Musicians such as:
    Bob Hamilton, Daniel Ashley
    Ryan McNally, Jona Barr, Dave Haddock, Gordie Tentrees, Kate Weaks, Grant Simpson.
    This Thursday March 29, 2012.
    6 to 10pm
    With speakers: Malcom Mills & J.P. Pinard
    To talk about oil & gas in Whitehorse Trough
    And Renewable Resources.

    Welcome to all.

    Werner Rhein

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