Canine Massage Workshop – October 27th

Hello Dog Lovers,

we are excited to announce another Canine Massage Workshop with Christiane! And this time it is hands-on!!

Saturday, October 27th at 1 pm – Location Muktuk Kennels
presented by local Christiane Koch-Champeval – certified Canine Massage Practitioner

(for more info on Christiane see below)


  • Physiological benefits of massage (~15min)
  • Massages techniques, 5 different strokes will be explained and demonstrated (~1 h-1h1/2)
  • Palpation techniques to locate some important muscles (~30min)
  • Hands on : Full body massage step by step performed by each person with a dog(~1h30)

Workshop will probably take up to 4 hours.

10 participants maximum! 1 FRIENDLY dog per person!

Cost: $25 for DPSAY members, $40 for Non-members

Membership Fees (annual): Individuals $15 – Adults, Individuals $10 – 18 years and under

How to register:

  • We do not accept reservations via FB messages.
  • You must send us an e-mail:
  • Your spot is only safe, when we received your payment. Please send E-Transfers to:
  • If you don’t do online banking, please contact us to make other arrangements for your payment.
  • If you like to become a member of DPSAY, please fill out attached Membership form and email it to us with your reservation. (or print it and bring it to the workshop)
  •  Include membership fees in your E-Transfer please.
  • We will establish a waiting list and contact you in case of cancellations.
  • We will send a confirmation of your spot by e-mail, please give us some time!!

See you soon!!!

Your DPSAY Board!

Bio Christiane Champeval-Koch

Christiane Koch-Champeval is a certified Canine Massage Practitioner. She graduated at the Northwest School of Animal Massage (NWSAM) in Vashon, Washington State, one of the few licensed provider of Animal Massage certification in North America. She has a Speciality certification in Performance ( sports)massage which includes Stress Point Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release Therapy.

The 2 certifications involved a total of 300 hours study of canine anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, massage technique, behaviour and handling and many hands on!

She decided to focus on sled dogs, being musher and handler, she realized how massage can help to prevent muscles injuries. It’s in fact why she decided to get all the certifications from a school that was chosen by the International sled dog veterinary medical association as reference for the massage part in their handbook edition 2015.

She worked on 2 Yukon Quest 300 teams in 2017 and the results were significant, none of the dropped dog was related to muscle injuries.

She worked on an Iditarod team (2017), 14 dogs made it to Nome, no muscles injuries. Before she started her work the musher told her to do what she can but that he already knew that at least 4 dogs are going to be dropped early in the race because of all their muscles problems during training .They all made it to the finish line with the team in 36th place.

She likes to say that one of her strength is that living with sled dogs for 8 years, training them, helping her husband in races gives her a good knowledge on these crazy dogs ‘strength and weakness!

Christiane is also a” Doctor en Pharmacie” in France which is equivalent to a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences.


DPSAY Mid-Distance Race – First Meeting

Hello Mid – Distance Race Fans,

It’s the time of the year, when we start thinking “WINTER and SNOW”! … and Mid-Distance Race!

We know, hard to do with this beautiful sunny fall days!

Please join the first meeting in order to decide, what this year’s race is going to look like (location, distance etc). We are looking for ideas, suggestions and we will need YOUR HELP!! The DPSAY board has not enough man power to organize an event of such caliber by itself!

Next Thursday, September 27th at 5:30 pm at the Town & Mountain Hotel Lounge on Main St.

Please let us know, if you are interested in being on the committee or you have suggestions, but cannot make it to the first meeting.

We hope to see many of you!


Thank you!!! – Poker Run and Hot Hound #4

It was a perfect day for some fun with our furry friends!

1) We would like to thank everyone, who supported our Poker Run Fundraiser on Sunday! With your help DPSAY was able to raise $500 for the Mae Bachur Animal Shelter!

Thank you to our sponsors donating great prizes and all participants (visitors and locals!), who walked or ran the beautiful 1-mile course with or without a dog at the Takhini Hot Pools.

Thank you also to Robert Siefke, a faithful DPSAY member and volunteer, to host the event and marking the colorful trail for us, once again!

The lucky winners of the Poker Run are:
1. $200 gift certificate – All Paws Veterinary Clinic – Syvanna Schmidt
2. $200 gift certificate – Air North – Carol Foster
3. ($130) Latigo Leather Leash and Collar – Advanced K9 – Jens Lippold
4. $100 gift certificate – The Feedstore – Girault Ombeline
5. ($80) Midi Pullers & Flyber Frisbee – Canine & Company – Christina Reeves

We also like to thank our “BBQ” sponsors, who helped feed hungry participants after the event:

Muktuk Adventures,
The Real Canadian Superstore
Save on Foods

2) Many people and dogs stayed for the Hot Hound #4 race, to either watch or participate.
The Canicross – category saw its highest numbers of participants this season! Find RESULTS below.

Thank you again Robert for marking the trails and hosting the event!

Thank you to our Race Sponsors:
Takhini Hot Pools
Winterlong Brewing
Aurora Booties

The DPSAY board is currently working on the fall/winter season schedule. So stay tuned for more fun events!

Please let us know, if you would like to host a Twister race. We always love to explore new trails. Or let us know, your ideas or what else you would like to see happening.

And of course we always welcome helping hands!!!



Results Hot Hound Race

1 Mile Bike
1 Adam Robinson   5:50
2 Armin Johnson   7:54
3 Lisa Kozakewich   8:22
4 Syvanna Schmidt  8:49
5 Jessica Gillard   13:26

2 Mile Bike
1 Alex Rochat  10:13
2 Adam Robinson   10:32
3 Armin Johnson   10:44
4 Nadele Flynn   12:44
5 Heather Robb   12:46

1 Mile Canicross
1 Kyle Lavore  8:39
2 Adam Robinson   8:55
3 Abel Semoussa and Gwenael Sinquin  9:00
5 Brad Robinson   9:07
6 Berenike Ziemert   9:59
7 Claudia Beer     11:30
8 Ombeline Girault     12:06
9 Eugenie Champeval   13:52
10 Shari Heal   14:57
11 Syvanna Schmidt   15:23

September 16th – Poker Run Fundraiser and Hot Hound #4

Hello Dog Lovers,
after having such great turnout last year, we will hold another fundraiser for the Mae Bachur Animal Shelter in form of a POKER RUN (license# 2018-104) followed by DPSAY Hot Hound #4.

Sunday, September 16th, 2018  

Where: Takhini Hot Pools
Directions: follow the Takhini Hot Springs Road until the end. Turn right towards the campground BEFORE the Takhini Hotsprings parking lot! Turn left on the first roundabout, then straight and down the hill. Start and finish is by the 2nd roundabout in the back of the new buildings. There’ll be DPSAY signs.

Times: Registration for Poker Run @ 4:00 pm
Start of Poker Run @ 4:30 pm
Prizes presented to best Poker Hand when all participants have finished the course (approx 5:30 pm).

Poker Run Fee: $20

Course: 1 mile trail at the Takhini Hot Pools. Run or walk with your dog!  Dogs must be leashed at all times.
No dog, you are still welcome to join and help raise funds for the animal shelter!

Bear Spray recommended!!

POKER RUN PRIZES: Thank you to our generous sponsors!!
1st Prize: All Paws Veterinary Clinic Gift Certificate – $200
2nd Prize: Air North Gift Certificate – $200
3rd Prize: Advanced K9 – Latigo Leather Leash and Collar – $130
4th Prize: The Feedstore/Pet Junction Gift Certificate – $100
5th Prize: Canine & Company- Midi Pullers & Flyber Frisbee – $80.00

And right after we have our Hot Hound event #4 – participate or stay and watch!!

Thank you Takhini Hot Pools for donating a free soak for RACE participants and volunteers.

We will have extra gear, if you like to try something new!

Thank you to our sponsors!
Takhini Hot Pools
Winterlong Brewing
Aurora Booties

We hope to see many human and canine faces!

Hot Hound #3 – RESULTS

Hello everyone,
Sunday’s event was fun on new trails!! Thank you to the Gunnar Nilsson Mickey Lammers Research Forest for letting us use those trails.

It was great to see some new faces!

Thank you to our sponsors: Winterlong Brewing and Aurora Booties … and our volunteers!

P.S.: Mark your calendars for our next DPSAY event on Sunday, September 16th! Stay tuned for more details.


1 Mile Bikejor
1              Claudia Wickert                 3:20
2              Martin Haefele                 4:22
3              Natalie Chaing                   4:31

2 Mile Bikejor
1              Martin Haefele                 9:51
2              Syvanna Schmidt              wrong trail

1              David Jutard                       4:29
2              Kyle Lavoie                          5:10
3              Jonathan Lucas                  5:43
4              Syvanna Schmidt              7:40
5              Christiane Koch-Champeval         7:47
6              Shari Heal                            8:54

DPSAY Hot Hound #3 – August 26th

Hello Dog Lovers,

I hope everyone enjoyed the heat, and now that it is cooling down, that you are ready for our DPSAY Hot Hound #3.

Sunday, August 26th – 5pm – @ the Gunnar Nilsson Mickey Lammers Research Forest … yes we are trying new trails!!!

see this link for driving directions: The Gunnar Nilsson & Mikey Lammers Research Forest

REMINDER: Helmets are mandatory for bikejoring!!!
  • FEES: $5 per race – members, $10 per race – non-members
  • Renewal Time: Membership Fees (annual) : $15 for Adults, $10 – 18 years and under
  • RACE CATEGORIES: Canicross 1 mile – 1 dog
    Canicross 1 mile – 1 dog
    Bikejoring 1 mile – 1 dog
    Bikejoring 2 miles – 2 dogs
  • Bring bowls for your dogs, water and doggie pool will be provided.
  • Temperature cut-off +25 Degrees

POTLUCK BBQ and prizes afterwards!!

Thank you Winterlong Brewing Co. for donating something yummy!!!!
We will have extra harnesses and lines available, if someone wants to try canicross but doesn’t have any equipment.

FYI: Our next event will be Sunday, September 16th. Hot Hound Race #4 and Poker Run Fundraiser Event for the Mae Bachur Animal Shelter at the Takhini Hot Pools.