3rd Winterlong Twister Race – final race of our season results!


10 miler

Katherine Scheck0:39:50
Lindsay Caskenette0:42:55
Jonathan Lucas0:43:36
Celia Chapon ep. Quignon0:43:47
Arianne Des Lauries0:44:16
Connor Mc Mahon0:45:40
Nate Maria Metzen0:47:06
Debbie Knight0:48:20
Jacob Heigers0:49:41
Andy Mac Mahon0:53:30
Ilana Kingley0:59:49
Adam Robinson1:02:30
Rhonda Kotelko1:08:00
3 miler
Nadele Flynn11:38
Eivind Kaltenborn12:54
Sarah Gallo15:06
Guy Lacriox15:34
Greg Newby21:26
3 miler – young people (under 16 years old)
Juniper Deline13:18
Leah Cramond17:58

Carbon Hill races & Winterlong Twister Series race results

Thanks to our great sponsors for supporting our sport and making a great event possible!

Winterlong Brewing Co. , Duffys Pets and Tanzilla Harness Supply , Nexgen Mechanical Solutions and Icy Waters Arctic Charr 🙂
Times 35 miler:
Jerry Joinson 3:40:22
Nathaniel Hamlyn 3:40:58
Connor McMahon 3:44:34
Jess Sears 4:16:46
Paul Hamlyn 4:26:03
Ilana Kingsley 5:25:00
Claudia Wickert 4:13:39 DSQ

10 miler sled:
Debbie Knight 50:04:00
Jonathan Lucas 50:57:00
Rhonda Kotelko 1:09:50

10 miler ski:
Cynthia Corriveau 53:35:00
Adam Robinson 58:45:00

Winterlong Brewing Co. Twister Series 6 miler:
Nate Maria Metzen 29:05
Stefanie Routley 40:20
Catalina Gomez 42:58
Kathryn McDonald 51:14
Katherine Scheck 19:38
Arienne Des Lauriers 24:27
Greg Newby 1:05:57

DPSAY 2021/2022 race schedeule

Races currently planned/ in construction

– the Winterlong Brewing Co. Copperhaul Twister League Series

– Fish Lake Fun run ~ 20 miles, not timed (updates will follow when we have them)- Carbon Hill (same as last year)

– “Tiny Quest” 4/7 mile race + skijor right after the Quest Teams at the start of the Yukon Quest

– Yukon 2 day Stage Race 2× ~ 50 miles, each day a different trail head (currently gathering information for possible trailheads) aiming within the communities close to WH, any ideas are welcome! 🙂Hopefully everyone is getting their sled runs in! Have fun out on the trails 🐾