Call for Nominations – DPSAY Board

Fellow Dog Powered Sports Enthusiasts

We are getting ready to put the 2019/20 season behind us and get ready for 2020/21. Normally we would have our AGM around this time in conjunction with the litter pickup or with the first hot hound race. With all the restrictions about people gathering in place and the uncertainty about when, where, and how everything, or perhaps not everything, is going back to normal, the DPSAY Board decided some time ago to forgo the hot hound series this summer. Instead we want to focus on roaring back come winter. A date for the AGM has not been set yet as we are still assessing whether a face to face meeting will be feasible. There is lots of important business to be done at the AGM and the most important is to elect a new Board.

So, here it comes: we need new Board members. We need people to guide the organization. We need people to organize races. We need people to organize events. We need YOU! We need somebody you know.

If you know somebody (including yourself) who just might be interested, please let us know. A short one line message responding to this email is enough. Or a message on our Facebook page. If you want to know a bit more about what being on the DPSAY Board means, send us your questions.

Eagerly awaiting your enthusiastic response

Your DPSAY Board (Debbie, Claudia, Adam, Christiane, Syvanna, and Martin)

PS: If at this time all you can muster is a lukewarm response, we’ll take that too.

DPSAY – Community Cleanup Event

Dog Powered People

As we do every year, we will do our part to keep our community clean. Come out on June 3rd at 5 PM to the start of Fish Lake Road for our annual community clean up gig. Social distancing won’t be a problem as we spread out along the road. It will be very much the same procedure as in previous years with a few extra precautions. Garbage bags and reflective vests will be provided but bring your own gloves. Come out, help keep your community clean, actually see (but not touch) some friends, and help DPSAY raise some funds.

Check out the event on our Facebook page for up to the minute information. And as always, if you have a question, drop us a line.

Your friendly but distanced DPSAY Board

REGISTRATION OPEN for the 2020 DPSAY Mid-Distance Race “The Granger Grind”

Hello Race Fans,

We are happy to announce that registration for our annual mid-distance race “The Granger Grind” is now open!

THE GRANGER GRIND – Feb 29 and Mar 1, 2020

THANKS to our awesome sponsors:
Lotteries Yukon
The Feed Store and Pet Junction
Icy Waters
Sky High Wilderness Ranch

Check here for more information regarding the race and how to sign up:

REMINDER: Carbon Hill this Saturday February 8th

Dear Dogs

Don’t forget to tell your people they need to get out to Mount Lorne on Saturday for the Carbon Hill sled and skijor race. It’s going to be mild, so they don’t have any excuse not to get out and enjoy the trails with you. The kitchen will be run by the Gravy Train, so make sure your peeps bring some cash. Note that the 30 mile category is more like 36 miles and is going up to beautiful Alligator Lake. You don’t want to miss out on that, do you? It all happens at the Mount Lorne community centre on Annie Lake Road.

Race Categories are

1. 30-MILES for skijorers and dog sleds – Registration from 09:00 to 09:45; mandatory
mushers meeting at 10 am
(8-dogs max for sleds and 4-dogs max for skijorers)

2. 10-MILES for skijorers and dog sleds – Registration from 09:00 to 09:45;
Mandatory mushers meeting at 10 am
(8-dogs max for sleds and 4-dogs max for skijorers)

3. 6- MILES Recreation Class – (non competitive) open to multiple disciplines for participants of 12 years of age and older(ski, kick sled, fat bike etc – 2 dogs max)
Registration from 12:00 to 12:45;
Mandatory mushers meeting at 12:45.

4. 100 –yard Kids Dash open to children of any age. Parents must help/participate/supervise.
(Small sleds and a dog can be provided or bring your own)

Race Start:

30-mile race: 11:00 am (2 min intervals)

10-mile race: 12:00 pm (2 min intervals)

6-mile race: 1:30 pm (1 min intervals)

100-yard Dash: 1:30 pm (or thereabouts)

And many thanks to our generous sponsors who make this stuff possible:
Impact Well Drilling
Icy Waters
Duffy’s Pets
Coast Mountain Sports
Yukon Quest
Aurora Booties

See you there