2021 Yukon Journey Mushers

Here a list of the 11 Mushers Signed up for the 2021 Yukon Journey:
1.) Jacob Heigers
2.) Hans Gatt
3.) Susie Rogan
4.) Marcelle Fressineau
5.) Kyla Boivin
6.) Connor McMahon
7.) Jason Biasetti
8.)Martine Le Levier
9.)Nathaniel Hamlyn
10.)Paul Hamlyn
11.) Ed Hopkins
That is a pretty experienced field with 7 Yukon Quest Finishers.
The Yukon Journey is organized by Mushers for Mushers, completely volunteer based. The primary focus is to put on a dog friendly 260 Mile dog sled race. Online updates might be far and few in-between, same as with posting times. There are no trackers in this race. Some of the time stations are remote and have no internet.  There will be no fancy website with time sheets. We will post updates as we can on this DPSAY page as well as the Yukon Journey Facebook Page.  
Please join us for live streaming on the Yukon Journey Facebook Page, where ever we have good enough internet. Hopefully at the Race Start. Definitely once teams start are hitting the lower end of the Dawson Trail and the Takhini River we should have decent coverage and of course of the Finish Line. 
Things will look a little different this year due to COVID. We are asking that our fans cheer on the teams virtually this year.  As part of our COVID-19 mitigation strategy, we ask that fans keep their distance from the teams and checkpoints. We want to have as small a footprint as possible in the communities along our trail. Thank you for understanding, and especially for your support! Organizing a race this year in spite of a pandemic (and other obstacles) has been a challenge. 
A huge THANK YOU for the many helping hands and our great local Main Sponsors:

These Companies have pledged funds, so that every single finisher can receive their entry fee back. Making it to Whitehorse is the name of the game:

Interview with 2021 Yukon Journey Musher Kyla Boivin from Dawson City

Kyla Boivin is not strange to the Race Trail. She is located in Sunnydale across the River from Dawson City. That is where I caught up with her on the phone. Yup no fancy zoom connection. So the best I could think of, is tape our phone call while having my laptop on Zoom, enjoying the view from my Tagish Cabin. So its and Audio only interview with Kyla. Enjoy:

Introducing the 2021 Yukon Journey Race Marshal Catherine Pinard

It takes a village to put on these type of races. Matter of fact it takes many villages to do so. Only once I stopped racing myself and got more involved in the behind the scenes ” race stuff “, did I realize how many people it takes to put on these events. Thank you for everyone involved.

There are a couple of Key positions during a race. The Race Marshal is definitely one of them. The head honcho. From the start of the to the finish of the race. The RM has to call the shots. And usually the RM is not alone, there are also Race Judges, as teams spread out along the checkpoints.

Catherine Pinard had the ( un ) fortunate coincidence to run into board Member Didier Moggia at Home Hardware. Next things she knew she was the 2021 Yukon Journey Race Marshal. Well not quite that quick, but pretty close. What motivates anybody to volunteer for a race? We all know that the Mushers are certifiably on the strange side with being motivated to voluntary sleep outside in 30 or less below. But what motivates race staff and all the other countless volunteers to drive up to Pelly, Carmacks or Braeburn to help put on such an event. Well Cathrine explains her own motivations pretty well:

Thank you to these great local sponsors who graciously contribute the the Success of the 2021 Yukon Journey