2nd Hot Hound Race of the Season – CANCELLED !!!


It’s hot out, the forecast for Saturday is even hotter, and there is still smoke in the air and a special air quality advisory in effect. After some deliberation the DPSAY Board has concluded that having a race under those conditions is not safe for the dogs. Therefore the race this Saturday is cancelled. Stay tuned for information on a possible replacement date.


Contact dogpoweredsports@gmail.com to volunteer or for more information.


2nd Hot Hound Race of the Season

Dear dog powered friends

DPSAY’s 2nd Hot Hound race is coming up and you do not want to miss it.  We changed things up a bit are are racing on Saturday morning rather than the usual Sunday afternoon.

Where: Gunnar Nilsson and Mickey Lammers Research Forest (see http://www.emr.gov.yk.ca/forestry/pdf/brochure-gnml-research-forest-2018.pdf for more info

Date: July 6, 2019 (Saturday)

Time: Registration starts at 10:00 AM

Host: Nadele Flynn

Potluck BBQ lunch: starts after the races (bring a dish to share if you’d like)

Fees: $5 per race – members; $10 per race – non-members

Membership Fees:
Adults – Individuals $15;
18 years and under – $10

This is a family friendly event. We welcome and encourage spectators. This is a perfect time to learn more about canicross and bikejoring with your dog. Bring bowls for your dogs – water and doggie pool will be provided. We will have extra harnesses and lines available, if someone wants to try canicross but doesn’t have any equipment.

We will have draw prizes afterwards for participants!

Thank you Winterlong Brewing Co. for donating something yummy!!!

Race Categories:
• Canicross 1 mile – 1 dog
• Bikejoring 1 mile – 1 dog
• Bikejoring 2 miles – 2 dogs

REMINDER: Helmets are mandatory for bikejoring!!!
Temperature cut-off +25 degrees

Contact dogpoweredsports@gmail.com to volunteer or for more information.

Dog Powered Sports Association of the Yukon (DPSAY)

Hot Hound Race Opener – June 2nd at Mt. Lorne Community Centre

Hot Hound Race Opener of the Season! Save the date.

We’d like to thank Katherine Scheck and the Mount Lorne Community Centre for hosting the first Hot Hound race of the season. Remember to thank your DPSAY Hot Hound volunteers at the event!

• Where: Mount Lorne Community Centre
• Date: June 2, 2019
• Time: 5:30 pm
• Host: Katherine Scheck
• Potluck BBQ starts around 7ish (bring a dish to share if you’d like)
• Fees: $5 per race – members; $10 per race – non-members
• Membership Fees (annual renewal time!): Adults – Individuals $15; 18 years and under – $10

See you on Sunday


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Thank you!

The DPSAY Board

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DPSAY Annual General Meeting and Litter Pick-Up Fundraiser – May 8

Hello Dog Lovers,
the winter season came to an end a lot quicker than we all hoped for. DPSAY’s Mid-Distance Race “the Granger Grind” was our last event.

We would like to thank everyone again, who volunteered, participated, cheered and/or sponsored our events.

Spring is the time to clean up, and we also wrap up another fun DPSAY year!! This year we decided to combine the Litter Pick-Up with DPSAY’s AGM.

DPSAY – Annual General Meeting
Wednesday, May 8th starting right after the Litter pick-up (guessing 7pm)

BBQ and AGM will be at Marine and Mathieu’s place! (Thank you for hosting!)

DPSAY is in need of new board members! Please help.

Wednesday, May 8th starting at 5:30 pm – Fish Lake Rd

Keep the Yukon clean and raise money for DPSAY events at the same time!

  • We meet at the bottom of Fish Lake Road and work our way up!
  • Vests, signs, garbage bags and rubber gloves are provided by the city.
  • After an hour or so of clean-up we will have a well deserved BBQ and our AGM at Marine and Mathieu’s place!
    (They live just before icy Waters,instead of turning left to the gazebo, turn right. And if you arrive later you’ll see all the vehicles parked there.)
  • You can also catch up later, you’ll see us on the road!

Thank you for helping us!!!


YUKON BREWING Twister Results – Feb 24th, 2019

Sunday was a gorgeous day, which brought out many participants enjoying ideal temperatures and trail conditions.

Thank you again to Robert Siefke, Jean-Marc Champeval and Melissa Schenke for preparing the trails.

And thank you Mike Simon for timing once again!

We had a record turnout for our recreational class with dogs of all breeds, colours and sizes and their owners on skis, sleds and kick sleds.

In addition to our regular categories we saw 5 teams entering a 25 mile course, just as a treat! since we had such late start of the season! Since each team kind of ran the course “in their very own way” , we dropped the competition in the end, and called it a FUN RUN!!!

We also had three tiny mushers out; Aurora (4), Rylan (2) and Forest (2) “racing” their dogs and new homebuilt sled.

Thank you Yukon Brewing for sponsoring the event!

Thank you Takhini Hot Springs for sponsoring a soak for all participates and volunteers.

Thanks to our prize sponsors: Duffy’s Pets, Coast Mountain Sports and Yukon Quest.

Thank you everyone who came out and made it such fun day!

25 Mile Fun Run (sleds)
Alex Rochat
Claudia Beer
Fabian Schmitz
Jonathan Lucas
Stephanie Routley

10 Mile Sled
1 Alena Tryznova    54:46
2 Christiane Champeval    67:10
3 Cindy Baker-Hawkins    68:35
4 Nikolas Schmidt    77:10

10 Mile Ski
1 Virginia Sarrazin    51:37
2 Claudia Wickert    64:56
3 Lindsay Caskanette    68:10
4 Bob Sagar    75:05

1 Nadele Flynn (ski)    28:02
2 Stephan Blust (sled)    34:28
3 Martin Haefele (ski)    36:00
4 Syvanna Schmidt (sled)    42:14
5 John Carson (kicksled)    47:38
6 Berenike Ziemert (canicross)    51:40
7 Karen Loos (ski)    53:10
8 Andre Bourcier (kicksled)    56:42
9 Kathryn MacDonald (kicksled)   59:20

A special YUKON BREWING Twister Race – THIS SUNDAY, Feb 24th

Thank you YUKON BREWING for sponsoring our next Twister Event!

YUKON BREWING Twister Race – Sunday, February 24th, 2019
it’s Rendezvous …. wear your garters!!

Where: Takhini Hot Pools, Parking Lot, at the end of the Hot Springs Road

Thank you to our sponsors:
Yukon Brewing
Takhini Hot Pools (for a free soak for volunteers and participants!) Bring your swimsuit!!
Coast Mountain Sports (prizes)
Duffy’s Pets & Tanzilla Harness Supplies (prizes)
Yukon Quest International (prizes)

SPECIAL: We are able to add a 25-mile course, thanks to our trail crew Robert Siefke, Melissa Schenke and Jean-Marc Champeval.

– 25 Miles: 6-8 dogs Sleds, 2-4 dogs Skijoring

– 10 miles: 6-8 dogs Sleds, 2-4 dogs Skijoring

– Recreational 4 miles (6.6km): 2-4 dogs Sled, 1-2 dogs Skijoring
Fat Bikes, Kick sleds, Runners etc welcome!

– Kids Dash – free and just for fun!! DPSAY will help with a dog and a sled, if you don’t have any. CHILDREN MUST   WEAR A HELMET!!

starts at 10 am for the 25 and 10 mile category
Musher meeting at 10:30 am
Race Start shortly after
**The 10-mile participants will start right after the 25-mile participants.**

REGISTER at 12:00 pm, when you participate in the Recreational Class and Kids Dash.
meeting at 12:15 pm
Race Start shortly after

IMPORTANT: Since the parking lot will be plowed, please bring help to get your team safely to the start line! All teams need to be guided to the start line!
Of course recreational participants are always welcome to come out earlier to socialize, watch, volunteer and cheer!!!

For the 25 Miler:
$25 – for DPSAY Members
$30 – for Non-Members
For the 10 Miler:
$10 – for DPSAY Members
$15 – for Non-Members
Recreational class:
$5 – for DPSAY Members
$10 – for Non-Members

Membership (Annual) : Individuals Adults – $15, Individuals 18 years and under – $10

Temperature Cut-off: -30 Degrees Celsius (at the time of race start)

See you Sunday!