Hot Hounds #3 – Stories and Results!!

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Despite the forecast calling for rain we had a great turn-out on the Takhini Hot Springs trails for the 3rd Hot Hounds Race of the year. The rain held off just long enough for the racing to wrap up and only spat a little bit before a tarp was set up to enjoy the BBQ and potluck.
After the awards competitors and volunteers enjoyed a free soak compliments of Takhini Hot Springs.
The trails were in typical Hot Springs condition: fast, technical and a whole lot of fun!
The 1-mile race saw two enthusiastic first timers join in the fun! We even let Ruth (one of the newbies win to show how inclusive DPSAY can be ūüėÄ! Just kidding, she posted an impressive time, and judging by the smile on her face, we will see her again. The 2-mile race saw Robert come out of a full year hiatus to snatch the win, modestly saying “my dogs don’t even pull”! Great job! In the canicross division Valerie and her two wee little pet dogs (both of which combined would only equal half a sled dog) charged the finish line pulling hard showing everyone that you don’t have to have sled dogs to have fun, or to be competitive!

A big “THANK YOU” to:¬†Robert for hosting this race yet again. Since he took this on, he hasn’t missed a race in 6 years. Lisa for pointing the way on the trail. Mike and Jessica for timing and always being there to help out.

Thank you to our sponsors:Takhini Hot Springs – Cadence Cycle – Yukon Brewing – Icycle Sports – Coast Mountain Sports

Next race will be September 11th in the Ibex Valley, exact location to be determined. Stay tuned for updates.



1 Mile Bike (1 dog)

1  Ruth O’Beirne  4:07

2  Claudia Wickert  4:10

3  Adam Robinson  4:20

4  Cynthia Corriveau  4:30

5  Heather Robb  5:02

6  Mattaeus Geister  5:23

Katherine Scheck  2:11 (1/2 mile bike)


2 Mile Bike (2 dogs)

1  Robert Siefke  8:20

2  Cynthia Corriveau  8:22

3  Adam Robinson  8:28

4  Sophie Firmenich  8:41

5  Katherine Scheck  9:22


1 Mile¬†Canicross (1 dog or two half dogs¬†ūüėČ)

1  Adam Robinson  6:30

2  Jaclyn Killins  7:41

3  Cynthia Corriveau  7:42

4  Valerie Girard  8:53

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Next Hot Hound Race @ Takhini Hot Springs on Sunday, August 28th, 2016

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Hello DPSAY Members,

Here is the info for our next Hot Hound Race!! Don’t miss out on action, fun, laughter and dog talk.

WHEN: Sunday, August 28th

WHERE: Takhini Hot Springs –¬†make sure you turn into the campground just before the hot spring’s parking lot. Follow the DPSAY trail markers!!

TIME: Registration starts at 5 pm

FEES: $5 per race – DPSAY members, $10 per race – non-members

Membership Fees: Individuals $15 (annual), Kennel $25 (annual)


RACE CATEGORIES:   Canicross 1 mile Р1 dog

Bikejoring 1 mile – 1 dog

Bikejoring¬†2 miles –¬†2 dogs

DPSAY will provide a water pool for the dogs. Bring bowls for your dogs.

Potluck Dinner!! Bring some food to share (a BBQ will be available).

Stick around for a soak in the pool. Takhini Hot Springs donates free passes for participants and volunteers!

Thank you to our sponsors:
Icycle Sports, Cadence Cycle,Yukon Brewing, Takhini Hot Springs and Coast Mountain Sports!!!

We hope to see many of you and your doggies!!


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Invitation to DPSAY’s Mid-Distance Sled Dog Race MEETING

August 15, 2016 Leave a comment

Hello Dog Powered Sports Enthusiasts,

People have signed up for the first sled dog races and the leaves are turning yellow! It’s time to start thinking of winter.

As in previous years DPSAY is planning on hosting our Annual Mid-Distance Sled Dog Race (known as Cinnamon Bun Run, River Runner, Road Runner). We have the option to change the format and route, if this is what members and participants want. But we need to do so before the funding deadline on October 15th, 2016.

Therefore we would like to hold an initial meeting to gather ideas and see who would be interested in helping us organize a mid-distance race this season. 


Date: September 6th, 2016

Time : 6 pm

Location: Whitehorse Elementary School


Hope to see you there!


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July 24th Hot Hound Results and Thank You!!!

July 26, 2016 Leave a comment

It was a perfect day for running dogs at “Yukon Skijor and Bikejor Kennels”, not too hot for the four-legged competitors and not too cold for the two-legged kind. The trails were fast, rooty and technical, leaving the bikejorers full of adrenaline and smiles on their faces. Though we saw lower numbers in the biking categories this time, the kennel crew from Caribou Crossing came out to fill the canicross event with 6 competitors. Thank you for participating!

Thank you to our:
Host: Katherine Scheck for sharing her trails and her deck
Timers: Sophie Firmenich and Magnus Kaltenborn
Sponsors: Cadence Cycle, Icycle Sports, Yukon Brewing

The next race will be one August 28th at the Takhini Hot Pools. Hope to see everyone there.

1 Mile Bikejor
1- Adam Robinson 4:28
2- Katherine Scheck 4:32
3- Cynthia Corriveau 5:13

2 Mile Bikejor
1- Cynthia Corriveau 9:14
2- Adam Robinson 9:27
3- Katherine Scheck 9:41
4- Sophie Firmenich 9:52

1 Mile Canicross
1- Adam Robinson 6:28
2- Cecilia. E 6:44
3- Nico Luettschwager 7:08
4- Jaclyn Killins 7:30
5- Elaine S.Bellemare 7:43
6- Cynthia Corriveau 9:11

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Next HOT HOUND RACE just around the corner: Sunday July 24th!!!

July 16, 2016 Leave a comment

I apologize for the delay of this post, but the latest storms left me without power and then without Internet connection for the last 2 days.

Here are the good news: our next Hot Hound Race is just around the corner!

WHEN: Sunday, July 24th

WHERE: Katherine’s place – km 8 Annie Lake Road, 87 Triple Cross Road¬†… we will make sure it is well marked!

TIME: registration starts at 5 pm

FEES: $5 per race РDPSAY members, $10 per race Рnon-members

Membership Fees: Individuals $15 (annual), Kennel $25 (annual)


Canicross 1 mile – 1 dog

Bikejoring 1 mile – 1 dog

Bikejoring¬†2 miles –¬†2 dogs


DPSAY will provide a water pool for the dogs. Bring bowls for your dogs.

Potluck Dinner!! Bring some food to share (a BBQ will be available). Stick around for some social time, the results and some draw prizes.

And bring some extra cash, if you haven’t gotten one of our DPSAY T-SHIRTS yet!!! ( $15)

Thank you to our sponsors: Icycle Sports, Cadence Cycle and Yukon Brewing!!!

We hope to see many of you and your doggies!!



DPSAY Board Member

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The New DPSAY Board!!!

July 1, 2016 Leave a comment

Dear DPSAY Members,

the new board has met, and we are happy to announce this year’s Executives and Directors:

President: Cynthia Corriveau
Vice President: Simi Morrison
Treasure-Secretary: Claudia Wickert
Directors: Adam Robinson, Sophie Firmenich, Armin Johnson, Fabian Schmitz

Right now we are working on this summer’s Hot Hound Race schedule and all the lovely paper work to ensure DPSAY’s good standing as a non-profit society.

We always welcome your input, feedback and support. So if you would like to lend us a hand in some way this season, please contact us.

Stay tuned!!

Your DPSAY Board

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AGM and Hot Hound Race at Muktuk Adventures

June 12, 2016 Leave a comment

Thanks to all the people who attended the AGM on Friday and who participated in the race afterwards! Muktuk Adventures was our great host with a 1 mile and 2 miles loop, and a stunning patio where the meeting and bbq were hosted. Thanks so much to them for continuously supporting DPSAY¬†ūüôā¬†The AGM minutes and finance report are available upon request. A new board was elected and positions will be determined at the first board meeting.

Results of the race are posted below. Next race will be announced in a bit, so stay tuned. And don’t forget that membership for the upcoming year can be renewed at races and will be valid until April 30, 2017.

Bikejoring – 2 dogs/2 miles:
1. Cynthia Corriveau – 7:17
2. Adam Robinson – 8:11

Bikejoring – 1 dog/1 mile:
1. Cynthia Corriveau – 3:33
2. Katherine Scheck – 3:37
3. Adam Robinson – 3:40
4. Armin Johnson – 4:13
5. Pierre Sautrevic – 4:18

Canicross – 1 dog/1 mile:
1. Mathieu St-Jean – 5:10
2. Katherine Scheck – 5:25
3. Derek Cronmiller – 5:26
4. Adam Robinson – 5:30
5. Justine Scheck – 6:08
6. Jaclyn Killins – 6:35
7. Lea Viechter – 6:42
8. Cynthia Corriveau – 7:16
9. Pascal Krebs – 7:23
10. Virginia Sarrazin – 7:45
11. Christiane Huning – 8:05.

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