Check out the Season Schedule!

Our 2022/2023 season schedule has been posted!

For the “upcoming” section, distance details are forthcoming and we’ll update them as soon as we can.

We Need Volunteers

Volunteer duties include:

  • time station,
  • trail & marker setup/takedown,
  • directing racers,
  • and more!

If you are interested volunteering at any of these races, please email or send us a Facebook message.

Barkfest Race 2022

We had a blast today at the race for Barkfest! We had 7 participants including some new people doing canicross for the first time!  Thank you to the Yukon Quest for co-hosting this race!

Times for the canicross race:

  • Ben Simard – 5:13
  • Greg Newby – 5:40
  • Amélie Janin – 5:40
  • Ilana Kingsley – 5:49
  • Louve Tweddell – 6:21
  • Vico Fauveau – 7:12
  • Rowan Hutchison – 7:55

Thank you to all the runners. Stay tuned for information about the next dryland race.

Canicross Canicross

CanicrossCanicross Canicross Canicross


3rd Winterlong Twister Race – final race of our season results!


10 miler

Katherine Scheck0:39:50
Lindsay Caskenette0:42:55
Jonathan Lucas0:43:36
Celia Chapon ep. Quignon0:43:47
Arianne Des Lauries0:44:16
Connor Mc Mahon0:45:40
Nate Maria Metzen0:47:06
Debbie Knight0:48:20
Jacob Heigers0:49:41
Andy Mac Mahon0:53:30
Ilana Kingley0:59:49
Adam Robinson1:02:30
Rhonda Kotelko1:08:00
3 miler
Nadele Flynn11:38
Eivind Kaltenborn12:54
Sarah Gallo15:06
Guy Lacriox15:34
Greg Newby21:26
3 miler – young people (under 16 years old)
Juniper Deline13:18
Leah Cramond17:58