DPSAY winter season has ended!

Happy Easter everyone!!!

This is the official end of DPSAY’s winter season.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU …… to all our sponsors, volunteers, members, participants, fans and followers. Thank you to all board members and race committee members, who spent endless hours organizing events and taking care of administration, all those tasks, which need to be done to keep DPSAY alive! 

Stay tuned for our spring events, e.g. Highway clean-up fundraiser and our Annual General Meeting. 

Enjoy the last snow, and we will start working on the summer season in the meantime.




Icycle Sports – Twister Race – Stories and Results!!

And here they come, the stories of Sunday:

The Icycle Sports – Twister Race at the Takhini Hot Pools sure showed some team spirit, and is one that won’t soon be forgotten.

An icy parking lot made for a challenging start for some teams.

Thank you Robert Siefke for offering ATV- support in order to get to the start line safely.

It turned out to be an adventurous race for both, the racers and the volunteers. A team was lost at the start line and was rescued with the musher and Robert on his ATV. Martin and Alex picked up a musher each and gave them a ride across the finish line. Adam and Jackie (both skijoring) came across a lonely dog team. Adam “upgraded” from skijoring to an 8-dog team by putting his two dogs in lead of the team of Siberians to bring everyone home.

And volunteers caught the winning musher-less team.

Never a dull moment while running dogs. All mushers and their teams made it back safe and sound.

After everybody was back, the parking lot was full of laughter, smiles and confused faces as everyone shared their own point of view of what happened out on the trail. One thing is certainly clear: that is what a great community of dog mushers and volunteers DPSAY has!  People who put the safety of the dogs and their fellow mushers ahead of trying to win a race, all the while with a smile on their face. Great job everyone!

As the temperature rose a bit with the sun, the two recreational-class participants enjoyed a softer trail and a much less eventful time out on their runs.

Once the awards were handed out, everyone enjoyed a FREE soak in the hot springs.

This race was most likely our last one of the season. But who knows with all this snow now. So stay tuned for eventual short notice announcements.

Thank you to our sponsors:  Takhini Hot Pools and Icycle Sports!!!

Thank you to:

Robert Siefke for organizing and marking trail. Mike Simon for timing. And all other volunteers at the start and finish, who helped keeping the chaos under control!! 😀


10-mile Skijor
1.       Claudia Wickert            00:58:32
2.       Cynthia Corriveau          01:02:10
3.       Lisa Kozakewich             01:03:49
4.       Jackie Taylor                   01:07:22

10-mile Sled
1.       Didier Moggia                 00:52:46
2.       Fabian Schmitz                00:54:10
3.       Alexandra Rochat           00:56:46
4.       Cindy Baker                     01:02:45
5.       Martine LeLevier            01:06:10
6.       Martin Haefele               01:24:15

5-mile Recreational
Claudia Beer – skijor 1 dog         00:59:19
Tiffany McLean – sled 3 dogs     00:58:38

Your DPSAY Board

The Race is ON!!! -ICYCLE SPORTS- Twister Race & GEAR SWAP, TOMORROW

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

We still have enough snow to hold the event tomorrow.

The trail will be hard and somewhat icy in the morning and then turning soft once it warms up. We try to start maybe a little earlier.

So please make sure you are registered by 10 am for the 10 miler!!

11:30 for the recreational class.

Due to not perfect trail conditions it’s ok to consider running smaller teams and please bring booties for the dogs just in case.

Come out and have fun! This might be the last time for this season.

Don’t forget to bring gear you want to exchange or sell.

Enjoy a soak in the Hot Springs after!! Free for volunteers and participants … Thank you Takhini Hot Springs!!



ICYCLE SPORTS- Twister Race & GEAR SWAP, March 18th

Hello Winter Lovers,

Plenty of snow and pleasant temperatures make for great trail conditions! Thank you for sponsoring this race, Jonah and Icycle Sports!!

ICYCLE SPORTS – Twister Race & GEAR SWAP!!! Sunday, March 18th, 2018

TAKHINI HOT SPRINGS! and Robert – Thank you for hosting! Free soaks for participants and volunteers!

SPECIAL!! Gear Swap –  Everyone has dog-related gear, we don’t need anymore and stuff we are looking for. So bring it to the event, bring a table or display it on your truck, all rather informal! Trade it or sell it!!!

Takhini Hot Springs (registration and start in the parking lot)

10 miles: 6-8 dogs Sleds, 2-4 dogs Skijoring
Recreational 5 km: 2-4 dogs Sled, 1-2 dogs Skijoring, Fat Bikes, Kick sleds, Runners etc welcome!
Kids Dash – free and just for fun!! DPSAY will help with a dog and a sled, if you don’t have any. CHILDREN MUST WEAR A HELMET!!

About the Categories:
The longer distance (10 miles) category is the competitive race, where timing and placing applies. This category is recommended for experienced mushers/skiers and experienced dogs.

The shorter distance (3-5 miles) is the RECREATIONAL category. We will focus on a non-competitive approach. The focus is on trying a new sport with your dog (any breed!!), practicing, meeting new dog lovers and having fun without worrying about competitive dogs and mushers/skiers. (We keep track of times for your personal interest.)

10 am for the 10 mile category
Musher meeting at 10:30 am, Race Start shortly after

This is NEW: REGISTER at 12:00 pm, when you participate in the Recreational Class and Kids Dash.
Meeting at 12:15 pm, Race Start shortly after

Of course recreational participants are always welcome to come out earlier to socialize, watch, volunteer and cheer!!!

$10 – for DPSAY Members, $15 – for Non-Members per race
(Individual membership fees (annual): $15 – Adults, $10 – 18 years and under)

NEW: we lowered the fee for the Recreational class: $5 – for DPSAY Members, $10 –  for Non-Members

Temperature Cut-off: -30 Degrees Celsius (at the time of race start)

See you there!

“The Granger Grind 2018” wrap-up and results

Here the Granger Grind wrap-up (by Adam) for the once, who missed it, and a little video clip by Yannick Klein and Yukan Productions. Thank you Yannick for all those nice photos and the filming! Enjoy!!

For run times and complete results: https://dpsay.wordpress.com/mid-distance-race

Watch little fun video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4dVwVbybr4

DPSAY’s annual mid-distance race “The Granger Grind” lived up to its name this year with all the extra dumps of snow the trail received just prior to the race. Despite the efforts of your trail crew getting as many snow machines over the trail as possible, mother nature showed that the mountains have their own set of rules, blowing the trail right back in behind them. The numerous hills and trail breaking didn’t break the spirits of the mushers, and each one had a very different way of describing their experience.
”Challenging, Wow, Interesting, Awesome, Yeah, Didn’t know they’re were so many hills, Good, Slow” were all muttered as participants crossed the finish line.
At the checkpoint a beautiful big yurt was provided by Sky High Wilderness Ranch for mushers to grab a bite to eat, warm up and share trail stories during their 5-hour layover. As teams prepared to leave the temperature started to drop, and the wind picked up, adding a little extra challenge to “the grind”.

Thank You to our race committee:
-Race Director: Lisa Kozakewich
-Finance: Claudia Wickert
-Start/Finish line: Martin Haefele
-Trail Coordinators: Robert Siefke & Mike Simon
-Banquet: Amelie Janin
-Race Marshal: Hans Oettli
-Race judge/Checkpoint coordinator: Adam Robinson
-PR: Simi Morrison
-Trail crew: Robert Siefke, Mike Simon, Jean-Marc Champeval, Colin Morrison
-Veterinarian: Chelsea Burdess
And all our other volunteers !!!

Thank you to our Sponsors:
Yukon Lotteries
Pika Exploration Inc.
The Feedstore/Pet Junction
Icy Waters Ltd, Yukon Brewing and Sky High Wilderness Ranch