Invitation to our Annual General Meeting and Appreciation Party

May 1, 2017 Leave a comment

Dear DPSAY Members, Sponsors, Volunteers and Fans,

another successful year full of fun has gone by and therefore we would like to invite you to our Annual General Meeting and Appreciation Party!!!

Mark your calendars:

When: Friday, May 26th, 2017

Time: 6 pm

Where: Muktuk Adventures

What is planned?

1) First we will hold our AGM (short and sweet), business first!
If you are interested in joining the board, please e-mail us. The board loves new people, new ideas, change and energy!
We will have positions available. We always need helping helps!

2) After business is taken care of, stay for some fun. DPSAY likes to thank you!!

  • a free BBQ on Muktuk’s deck
  • in case you missed it the first time, see the movie:”DOG POWER” (kindly sponsored by Non-Stop Dog Wear)
  • cash bar
  • draw prizes
  • spring/summer season events calendar available
  • … and if you are up to it: a CHILI COOK OFF! Cook some chili and bring it to the party, the best chili cook wins a special prize! (if you like to enter as a contestant, please e-mail us!)

Come on out and support DPSAY!!! Help the Dog Powered Sports community grow and make it even more fun!

Hope to see many of you on May 26th.

Your DPSAY Board of Directors

We would love your feedback!!

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Hello Dog Powered Sports Enthusiasts,

DPSAY was founded 10 years ago! Woot Woot!! 10 years of dog powered sport events, activities and fun, e.g. races, fundraisers, workshops and much more. The board would appreciate your feedback in order to find out, what the dog-loving community likes to do, and if there is anything what needs to be changed. It would be great, if you could take a few minutes to provide us with some feedback by taking the survey below.

Thank you so much!

We are looking forward to many ideas and constructive input.

Your DPSAY Board

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

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Hello Dog Powered Sports Enthusiasts,

The dog sledding and skijoring season is clearly over!
The Dog Powered Sports Association of the Yukon sends out a big THANK YOU to everyone who has helped to make this another great season with the dogs!!
Thank you to our sponsors, volunteers, members and participants!

For our sponsors please look at the image below!!
Everyone go and see them at their stores and show your gratitude. Without their generous support, we wouldn’t be able to have so much fun!

Stay tuned for what’s to come in the “Hot Hound” season!
Your DPSAY Board.

DPSAY Season Finale Results

March 23, 2017 Leave a comment

Hello DPSAY and Dog Lovers,

The season finale of the DPSAY Twister races at Muktuk Adventures was a great one; great weather, great trail, great food and great company. The temperature stayed nice and cool as the race was going on; all the while the sun lit the Takhini River to give racers a great view of its high banks. The trail was an out and back race with plenty of head on passing and tight groups of racers. Just as the participants of the Recreational Class were coming in, the temperature climbed the perfect amount to make lounging in the sun for the afternoon BBQ a delight.

Into the wild mushers Marine and Mathieu took home first and second place in the 10 mile sled event (We wonder who got to make up the teams?), while rookie racer Annika Wahlisch captured first in the 10 mile skijor category.

A big thank you to Manuela and the crew at Muktuk for hosting the event, feeding us and letting us take over their deck for the day. Thank you Mike Simon for another day of timing.

Prize Sponsors: Yukon Brewing, Yukon Quest


10 Mile Sled

  1. Marine Gastard 43.38
  2. Mathieu Renner 46.12
  3. Fabian Schmitz 54.26
  4. Nathaniel Hamlyn 58.13
  5. Cindy Hawkins 58.15
  6. Adam Robinson 60.64
  7. Erin Stevens 63.47
  8. Krys March 64.20
  9. Jonathan Alsberghe 81.02

10 mile Skijor

  1. Annika Wahlisch 46.38
  2. Claudia Wickert 58.05
  3. Jackie Taylor 61.45
  4. Lisa Kozakewich 65.48

6 Miles Recreational Participants

Jackie Taylor
Robert Siefke


Happy Spring!


Sundays Twister race at Muktuk (March 18)!!

March 16, 2017 Leave a comment

Hello all,

we have confirmed with Manuela, that the race trails will be on the river!

Registration will be at the lodge.

And because this is most likely the final race of this season, and it looks like it will be a beautiful day, we decided we will fire up the BBQ and have an

“End of the Season” – POTLUCK BBQ

So bring something for the BBQ, snacks and/or side dishes to share.

See you Sunday!




Winter is still here, lets make good use of it! Come on out to another DPSAY Twister Race on March 19th at Muktuk Kennels!
Thanks for hosting and opening up your trails, Manuela, Jeff and crew!
Winter might stick around a little longer this year. Wouldn’t that be great!!

When: Sunday, March 19th, 2017

Where: at Muktuk Adventures

Registration starts at 10 am
Musher meeting at 10:30 am
Race Start shortly after

10 miles: 6-8 dogs Sleds, 2-4 dogs Skijoring

Recreational 5 km: 2-4 dogs Sled, 1-2 dogs Skijoring, Fat Bikes, Kick sleds etc welcome!

Kids Dash – free and just for fun!! DPSAY will help with a dog and a sled, if you don’t have any. CHILDREN MUST WEAR A HELMET!!


The longer distance category is the competitive race, where timing and placing applies.This category is recommended for experienced mushers/skiers and experienced dogs!

The shorter distance is the RECREATIONAL category. We will focus on a non-competitive approach, which means NO TIMING and NO PLACING applies. The focus is on trying a new sport with your dog (any breed!!), practicing, meeting new dog lovers and having fun without worrying about competitive dogs and mushers/skiers! (We only keep track of times for your personal interest)


$10 – for DPSAY Members per race

$15 –  for Non-Members per race

Membership: $15 for Individuals, $25 for Kennels/Families

Temperature Cut-off: -30 Degrees Celsius (at the time of race start)
See you there!


Granger Grind – Finish Times

February 26, 2017 Leave a comment
Pos Name Finish Time Leg 1 Leg 2 Overall Time
80 Mile Skijoring
1 Cynthia Corriveau 5:54 5:28 5:26 10:54
80 Mile Sled
1 Marine Gastard 3:23 4:02 3:59 8:01
2 Martine LeLevier 3:25 4:07 3:56 8:03
3 Gerry Willomitzer 3:52 4:21 4:09 8:30
4 Nathaniel Hamlyn 4:06 4:20 4:24 8:44
5 J.F. Bisson 4:22 4:40 4:20 9:00
6 Kristina Disney 4:29 4:40 4:27 9:07
7 Magnus Kaltenborn 4:36 4:51 4:23 9:14
8 Steve Gibbons 5:20 4:58 5:00 9:58
9 Amelie Janin 7:14 5:38 6:14 11:52
10 Krys March 8:39 6:44 6:33 13:17
Jean-Marc Champeval  scratched 4:42

Granger Grind Half Way Update

February 25, 2017 Leave a comment

After a tough run through quite a bit of soft snow all teams made it to the Fish Lake Checkpoint at Sky High Wilderness Ranch. Here are the in-times (the second time in brackets are the earliest possible times out after serving the mandatory layover including the start time differential):

  1. Marine Gastard (11) 18:22 (23:24)
  2. Martine Lelevier (9) 18:23 (23:29)
  3. Nathaniel Hamlyn (5) 18:28 (23:42)
  4. Gerry Willomitzer (6) 18:31 (23:43)
  5. Kristina Disney (2) 18:42 (00:02)
  6. J.F. Bisson (7) 18:52 (00:02)
  7. Magnus Kaltenborn (3) 18:55 (00:13)
  8. Jean-Marc Champeval (8) 18:56 (00:04)
  9. Steve Gibbons (4) 19:04 (00:20)
  10. Cynthia Corriveau (1 – Skijor) 19:28 (00:28)
  11. Amelie Janin (10) 19:56 (01:00)
  12. Krys March (12) 21:06 (02:06)