Granger Grind Early Incentive Draw!!

Hello Mushing Fans,

Registration for this year’s Mid-Distance Race “The Granger Grind” is open!!!

Anyone registering before February 1st, 2018 will be entered into an early-incentive draw!!

You have the chance to win a $50 gift certificate for Duffy’s Pets and Tanzilla Harness Supply.

The Granger Grind will take place on the weekend of February 24th/25th, 2018.
Course: Lorne Mt Community Centre to Sky High Wilderness Ranch and back


100 miles Sled (8-10 dogs)
100 miles Skijor (2-4 dogs)
50 miles Skijor (2-4 dogs)

Race start: February 24, 2018 at 1:30 

Musher’s Meeting: February 24 at 11:00 am


Note: After February 19th a late registration fee of an additional $50 applies!

100 miles sled – $120 per entry

100 miles skijor – $120 per entry

50 miles skijor – $60 per entry

  • You don’t run the race? You can still be involved and be part of the fun. We need more helping hands at the checkpoint.
  • You have snow machine and like to ride trails, help us pack and groom trail in the weeks leading up to the race.
For more detailed information go to:


Happy Trails!
DPSAY and the Granger Grind Committee!


Cadence Cycle Twister Race Recap

Five mushers braved the cold weather to participate in Sunday’s Cadence Cycle’s Twister Race at the Lorne Mountain Community Centre. The trail was set around the McConnell Lake loop, which none of the mushers had done before, making for a new and exciting race for all of them. It was a unique sight at the finish line when all five teams rolled in one after another like a big train of dogs. The furry Siberians had a blast, they thrived in -30 with impressive running times! Isaac and Erin came all the way from Dezadeash Lake to participate in their first race. Both of them placed first in their categories! The Recreational Class had two participants doing a 6 km out and back loop which turned around on itself just before headed into the bushy trails. A short and sweet run with 4 dogs, made for lots of fun! Thanks Colin Morrison for marking the trail and to Mike Simon for time keeping. A huge thank you to Dean and Cadence Cycle for being our Race-Day Sponsor.


10 Mile sled

1. Isaac Deuling 0:44:57

2. Cindy Hawkins 0:46:44

3. Jonathan Alsberghe 0:49:10

4. Marvin Bellin 0:50:22

5. Aaron Nicholson 0:51:00

6 km –Recreational

Erin Stevens 0:17:00

Tiffany McLean 0:27:00


For some photos see our FB page! Our next event will be the mid-distance race The Granger Grind, Feb 24/25th. In the meantime enjoy following the Yukon Quest and participate/check out in the Babe Southwick Memorial Race on Feb 10/11th organized by YDMA.


It’s on!!!! – CADENCE CYCLE – Twister Race & GEAR SWAP

Hello all,

The event is happening tomorrow. Lets hope it won’t be too cold, and that the sunshine will help warm it up by the time we start.

Trails have been marked, THANK YOU Colin Morrison!!

…. it will be the McConnell Lake loop for the 10 miler after all … the least head on passing!

And we have 6 km loop for our recreational dog lovers.

Everyone park in the big parking lot in the back please!

See you in the morning!

CADENCE CYCLE – Twister Race & GEAR SWAP – January 28th

Hello Dog Lovers,

Are you still in the mood?
Our next event is coming soon. Thank you for sponsoring this race, Dean and Cadence Cycle!!

CADENCE CYCLE Twister Race & GEAR SWAP – Sunday, January 28th, 2018

SPECIAL!! Gear Swap –  Everyone has dog-related gear, we don’t need anymore and stuff we are looking for. So bring it to the event, bring a table or display it on your truck, all rather informal! Trade it or sell it!!!

Where: Lorne Mt trails, registration and start in the big parking lot behind the Mt Lorne Community Hall

Most likely we will use the 10-mile loop on the Mary Lake trail this time to keep it interesting. For our Recreational class, we will find a shorter version.

10 miles:  6-8 dogs Sleds, 2-4 dogs Skijoring
Recreational 5 km: 2-4 dogs Sled, 1-2 dogs Skijoring, Fat Bikes, Kick sleds, Runners etc welcome!
Kids Dash – free and just for fun!! DPSAY will help with a dog and a sled, if you don’t have any. CHILDREN MUST WEAR A HELMET!!

About the Categories:
The longer distance (10 miles) category is the competitive race, where timing and placing applies. This category is recommended for experienced mushers/skiers and experienced dogs.

The shorter distance (3-5 miles) is the RECREATIONAL category. We will focus on a non-competitive approach. The focus is on trying a new sport with your dog (any breed!!), practicing, meeting new dog lovers and having fun without worrying about competitive dogs and mushers/skiers. (We keep track of times for your personal interest.)

10 am for the 10 mile category
Musher meeting at 10:30 am, Race Start shortly after

This is NEW: REGISTER at 12:00 pm, when you participate in the Recreational Class and Kids Dash.
Meeting at 12:15 pm, Race Start shortly after

Of course recreational participants are always welcome to come out earlier to socialize, watch, volunteer and cheer!!!

$10 – for DPSAY Members, $15 –  for Non-Members per race
(Individual membership fees (annual): $15 – Adults, $10 – 18 years and under)

Temperature Cut-off: -30 Degrees Celsius (at the time of race start)

Looks like we might get some fresh snow until then, wouldn’t that be great!


Carbon Hill Race Day 2018 Results

Hello all,
find this year’s Carbon Hill race Day Results at the bottom.

Thank you again to our amazing volunteers!! The trails sure needed more preparation this year, so thank you for stepping up and making it happen!

Thank you for coming out, participating and/or watching.
And thank you again to our generous sponsors:

Stop in and show your appreciation!

Purse Sponsors:
Duffy’s Pets & Tanzilla Harness Supply
Impact Well Drilling
Icy Waters Ltd

Prize Sponsors:
Icycle Sport
Yukon Brewing
Caribou Crossing Trading Post

Our next event is the Cadence Cycle Twister Race on January 28th!!

See you then


30-Miles Sleds
Position Name Time
1 Martine Lelevier 3:22:09
2 Crispin Studer 3:27:04
3 Dana Koudelova 3:30:58
4 Jade Netzer 3:39:15
5 Jerry Joinson 3:46:26
6 Alexandra Rochat 3:53:35
7 Lori Twedell 3:59:21
8 Amelie Janin 4:01:00
9 J.F. Bisson 4:07:05
10 Louve Twedell 4:07:20
11 Krys March 4:49:28
12 Cindy Baker 5:24:37
DQ Thomas Verin
10 miles Sleds
Position Name Time
1 Mandy Johnson 0:34:42
 Armin Johnson 0:34:42
3 Luc Twedell 0:37:38
4 Annika Waelisch 0:52:36
5 Michel Gignac 0:56:35
6 Carlos Berenger 1:02:12
7 Tiffany McLean 1:40:37
10 miles Skijor
1 Claudia Wickert 0:56:15
2 Lindsay Caskanette 1:01:23
6 Miles Recreational
1 Robert Siefke (Skijor) 0:29:45
2 Cheyenne Tirschmann (skijor) 0:30:43
3 Maxime Aerts (skijor) 0:36:51
4 Lisa Freeman (skijor) 0:37:34
5 Finella Pescott (skijor) 0:37:43
6 Kathryn McDonald (kick sled) 0:55:37

DPSAY Mid-Distance Race – “The Granger Grind 2018” – Registration open

Hello Mushing Fans,

we are happy to announce that registration for this year’s mid-distance race “The Granger Grind” is now open!

Anyone registering before February 1st, 2018 will be entered into an early-incentive draw!! You have the chance to win a $50 gift certificate for Duffy’s Pets and Tanzilla Harness Supply.

The Granger Grind will take place on the weekend of February 24th/25th, 2018 and follow a similar course than last year from Lorne Mt Community Centre to Sky High Wilderness Ranch and back.

For more detailed information go to:

DPSAY and the Granger Grind Committee!

UPDATE!!! – CARBON HILL Race Day on Sunday, January 14th, 2018

THANK YOU Robert and Katherine for going out today and grooming the trails for the Carbon Hill Race Day!

30 + miles – Alligator Lake loop – groomed beautifully!
10 Mile – McConnel Lake Loop
6 mile loop – like very year!

We have a another crew going out on Saturday for more grooming and marking of the trails!


  • Any participant under the age of 16 will be asked to wear a helmet.
  • This is a community event! If you have a dog (pet and/or sled dog!), who does not behave well around other dogs and passing teams, please leave the dog at home. We have had incidents in the past, and we would like to avoid them and keep it fun for everyone! Thanks for your understanding!
  • Temperature Cut-Off is -30 at the time of the start… which shouldn’t be an issue on Sunday, if the forecast is correct.