Sept 16, 2012

Hot Hounds and First Mate Freight Pull at Gatt Kennels


It was a great turnout at Sundays race with dogs and drivers enjoying the great trails and beautiful weather at Gatt kennels in Golden Horn.

In the freight pull events Jonathan’s two Rottweiler Asha and Puck placed 1st and 2nd in the medium weight category and took 5 bags of First Mate Extreme dog food home while Adam Robinson’s dog Toad placed first in the light weight category winning 3 bags of dog food.

The mass start for the one mile category was a fun event as usual and saw Cynthia Corriveau with Foxy beating Fabian Schmitz with Appleton to second place.

Some participants showed that proper running gear is totally overrated. Adam Robinson ran shirtless to first place in the canicross category and Katherine Scheck in jeans and crocs was only 5 seconds slower.

The two mile two dog race was a fun trail with some exciting corners and ups and downs and Cynthia Corriveau placed first again with Stefan Wackerhagen coming in second.

This event was sponsored by First Mate Extreme Dog Food, Yukon Brewing, Aurora Booties and Coast Mountain Sports.

Thanks a lot to Hans & Susie for hosting the race and to Jonathan Lucas for organizing the Freight Pull!


Full Results

1 Mile Mass Start (1 dog)
1st   #9 Cynthia Corriveau 3:37
2nd   #5 Fabian Schmitz 3:41
3rd   #4 Valerie Bussieres 3:54
4th   #1 Sophie Firmenich 3:55
5th   #8 Stefan Wackerhagen 3:58
6th   #7 Virginia Sarrazin 4:02
7th   #6 Adam Robinson 4:32
8th   #2 Janet Keller 5:49
9th   #3 Alex Rochat 6:50

1 Mile Canicross
1st   #21 Adam Robinson 6:35
2nd   #22 Katherine Scheck 6:40
3rd   #19 Virginia Sarrazin 7:21
4th   #18 Cynthia Corriveau 8:26
5th   #20 Sophie Firmenich 9:44

2 Mile (2 dog)
1st   #16 Cynthia Corriveau 8:06
2nd   #11 Stefan Wackerhagen 8:15
3rd   #23 Darryl Sheepway 9:13
4th   #14 Adam Robinson 9:15
5th   #12 Claudia Wickert 9:22
6th   #10 Alexandra Rochat 9:32
7th   #13 Janet Keller 11:22
8th   #17 Sophie Firmenich 11:25
9th   #15 Ronda Kotelko 13:48
10th   #24 Annette Elke 15:55

Freight Pull

Under 60lbs
1st   Toad and Adam Robinson  180lbs in 13s

1st    Asha and Jonathan Lucas 340lbs in 6s
2nd    Puck and Jonathan Lucas 340lbs in 6s


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