Oct 2nd, 2011

The weather could not have been better for the 2011 season finale of the DPSAY Hot Hounds Dryland race series. The sun was out and the temperature was optimal for running dogs. Our host, Mike and Jessica Simon put together 2 very exciting courses that set the stage for another competitive event.

The season finale was again dominated by Cynthia Corriveau and her dogs Nahanni and Foxy. Cynthia took first place in the 2-dog, 1-dog, and the pet dog events and was awarded gift certificates for Antoinette’s Restaurant (generously provided by Antoinette’s and Mike Simon, Lake LaBerge Liberal candidate) and Cynthia proved that she does not need the home trail advantage to win. Great season Cynthia.

The highlight of the evening was the tie breaker match for 2nd place in the 2-dog event.  Stefan Wackerhagen and Adam Robinson who both completed the 2-dog trail in 8min 04sec, duelled each other in a leg wrestling bout on Mike And Jessica’s deck to decide who would claim the 2nd place prize.

DPSAY would like to thank our hosts and race day sponsors; Antoinette’s Restaurant and Mike Simon for providing the prizes for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers in each event, and we would also like to thank our other prize sponsors; Firstmate Extreme dog food and Cadence Cycle for providing additional prizes.

DPSAY would also like to send out a big thank you to all the participants and volunteers that have come out this summer to our events and supported DPSAY. It was a great season for everyone, the level of competition for these events was pushed to all new heights and most importantly we all had fun.

So please keep checking our blog for updates about the upcoming winter season. DPSAY is starting to prepare for the RR (our mid-distance race) and we are looking for organizers and Volunteer’s for Twister Events.

Thanks again for an excellent season and we look forward to seeing everyone in November.

Happy Trails


Cynthia Corriveau                           7min 53sec
Stefan Wackerhagen                       8min 04sec
Adam Robinson                               8min 04sec
Pierre-Luc Fortin                            9min 06sec
Janet Keller                                      11min 32sec

Cynthia Corriveau                           4min 11sec
Stefan Wackerhagen                       4min 27sec
Janet Keller                                       6min 03sec

Stefan Wackerhagen                      5min 40sec
Adam Robinson                               5min 51sec
Kyla Johnson                                   7min 17sec
Katherine Scheck                           14min 45sec

Pet Dog
Cynthia Corriveau                           5min 30sec
Janet Keller                                       6min 20sec
Sam Penner                                       6min 58sec
Katherine Scheck                           7min 47sec


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