July 31st, 2011

Cadence Cycle Hot Hounds Race and First Mate Freight Pull

see Yukon News article: Sheepway out in front for Hot Hounds opener

It was a beautiful and warm summer’s evening on the trail of the Hot Hounds Dry Land races. The season opener was held this past Sunday, July 31 at Drag n Fly Kennel and sponsored by Cadence Cycle. Almost 20 teams showed up to compete across 5 categories. The event started out with the dry land races only weight pull, sponsored by First Mate Extreme Dog Food. Following that, 4 teams tore up the trail in the one mile one dog race and switching around the usual line up, the foot racers were next to leave the chute for the one mile canicross. The evening races wrapped up with the main 2 mile event to which 8 teams participated. It was one of the first times participants were allowed to take a maximum of 4 dogs and although no one took up this challenge, three participants did complete the 2 mile course with 3 dog teams.

After the events were over, everyone gathered on Jim and Lee’s deck to hear race marshal, Jean Ennis and DPSAY volunteer and race organizer, Jon Lucas call out the race results and hand out the prizes and awards. The prizes for Sunday’s event were generously donated by Cadence Cycle, Firstmate Extreme Dog Food, Aurora Booties, and Muktuck Adventures.  Once this was over, the participants enjoyed a fantastic potluck BBQ, complete with Arctic Char donated by Icy Waters.

The first dry land races proved to be a wonderful success and it was awesome to see so many new and returning race participants and DPSAY members.


Two-mile, two-four-dog
1st Darryl Sheepway – 7:43
2nd Jean-Marc Champeval – 7:55
3rd Alex Rochat – 7:58
4th Jon Lucas – 8:00
5th Barb Anderson – 9:08
6th Adam Robinson – 9:42
7th Rhonda Kotelko – 14:02
8th Amelie Janin –17:34

One-mile, one-dog
1st Amil Dupuis-Rossi – 4:44
2nd Deb Knight – 5:16
3rd Darryl Sheepway – 6:17
4th Amelie Janin –7:40

1st Adam Robinson – 5:51
2nd Antoine LeBlanc – 7:12
3rd Amelie Janin –7:38

Freight pull
Under 60lb class
1st Cash and Heather Desmaris – 220lbs in 6 sec
2nd Grizzly and Amil Dupuis-Rossi – 140lbs in 15 sec
Over 60lb class
1st Asha and Jon Lucas – 700lbs in 9 sec
2nd Puck and Jon Lucas – 700lbs in 15sec


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