Aug 14th, 2011

Yukon Meat and Sausage Race Day – August 14th, 2011

Another great day for dogs and drivers alike at this past Sundays (Aug 14th,2011) DPSAY Hot Hounds Event.  The excess of rainy weather we have had lately in the Whitehorse area decided to hold off long enough for the eager dog drivers and dogs to compete, and the cooler temperature that evening provided some excellent conditions for a summer dog race.

The Yukon Meat and Sausage Race day saw 20 competitors bring their dogs out to field 36 entrants across 4 events.  This past Sunday’s event saw some new faces and many DPSAY regulars – and the competition was stiff, in the 1mile – 1 dog and the 2mile – 2 dog events.  In the 1 mile – 1 dog event only 42 seconds separated the 1st place finisher from the 5th place finisher and in the 2mile – 2 dog there was only a 52 second difference between the 1st place and 5th place.

Following the race everyone gathered around the fire pit at host Alex Rochat’s place to eat some delicious hot dogs (provided by our host) and share some other excellent food brought by the competitors.  Once everyone had settled down a little from the excitement of the races, the spectators and competitors gathered for the awards presentation.  The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers in each event were awarded gift certificates that were generously donated by Yukon Meat and Sausage (The Deli) and additional prizes from our other prize sponsors (Icy Waters Arctic Charr, Yukon Honda, Muktuk Adventures and Cadence Cycle) were awarded to other finishing competitors.  

Pet Dog

1. Jonathan Lucas                       7min 29sec

2. Alex Rochat                           7min 31sec

3. Janet Keller                            12min 14sec



1. Stefan Wackerhagen                8min 15sec

2. Amelie Janin                          9min 28sec

3. Oliver Barker                          10min 19sec

4. Megan Routley                       10min 30sec

5. Jessica Heath                         11min 19sec

6. Juliette Bastide                       12min 20sec

7. Marcelle Fresineau                  13min 00sec

8. Barb Anderson                       13min 20sec

9. Janet Keller                            13min 37sec


1 Mile – 1 Dog

1. Stefan Wackerhagen                5min 11sec

2. Cynthia Corriveau                    5min 15sec

3. Darryl Sheepway                    5min 17sec

4. Thomas Camp                        5min 51sec

5. Fabian Schmitz                       5min 53sec

6. Alex Rochat                           6min 04sec

7. Claudia Wickert                      6min 11sec

8. Deb Knight                             7min 15sec

9. Gaetan Pierrard                      7min 36sec

10. Marcelle Fresineau                 9min 01sec

11. Janet Keller                          9min 25sec

12. Amelie Janin                        10min 23sec


2 Mile – 2 Dog

1. Cynthia Corriveau                   13min 58sec

2. Alex Rochat                           14min 00sec

3. Stefan Wackerhagen               14min 05sec

4. Darryl Sheepway                    14min 22sec

5. David Mason                          14min 50sec

6. Fabian Schmitz                       15min 11sec

7. Jonathan Lucas                       15min 20sec

8. Jean-Marc Champeval             16min 18sec

9. Barb Anderson                       16min 35sec

10. Claudia Wickert                     17min 18sec

11. Deb Knight                           18min 27sec

12. Janet Keller                          23min 43sec


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