RESULTS – Hot Hounds @ the Hot Pools

Hello Dog Powered Sports Enthusiasts,

We had a record turnout for the first hot hounds race of the season hosted at the Takhini Hot Pools, which saw 18 participants enjoying exercising with their canine friends. The bikejoring  categories saw mostly familiar faces while the canicross event was packed full of new faces and people trying the sport for the very first time.

The new trails at the hot pools make an ideal venue for the event, with features that appeal to everyone. Up and down hills, wide open flat stretches mixed in with some single track trails and tight turns made for very fun events. Thank you Robert Siefke for organizing and marking the trails, and for going out and making last minute changes to the route, when a small forest fire started on a portion of the 2 mile trail. We appreciate all your hard work year after year.

The weather cooled off, and bit of rain fell just prior to the start of the first race, which made temperatures for running dogs (and for going for a soak in the hot pools) perfect. After the events were wrapped up, races headed up to the NOLS site for a BBQ potluck under their big outdoor shelter. Thank you Bri for letting us escape the rain!

All participants and volunteers received a free pass for a soak in the hot pools, complements of the Takhini Hot Pools. Thank you very much. Also a big thank you to Mike Simon for coming out to be our timer.  And thank you to James Stobb for the great action photos.

Hope to see everyone out at the next event on July 16 at Mike & Jessica Simon’s place on the Mayo Road.

Thank you to our prize sponsors:

Takhini Hot Pools, Yukon Brewing, Icycle Sports


2 Mile Bikejor

1  Katharine Sandiford 09:32
2  Robert Siefke 09:48
3  Adam Robinson 09:54
4  Cynthia Corriveau 10:59
5  Jess Wood 12:44

1 Mile Bikejor

1  Cynthia Corriveau 06:36
2  Adam Robinson 06:52
3  Claudia Wickert 08:54

1 Mile Canicross

1   Adam Robinson 08:58
2   Ventseslav Perzhitski 09:50
3   Jessie  Thomon-Gladish 10:15
4   Tanja Heinrich 10:21
5   Katharine Sandiford 10:52
6   Laura Vinnedge 10:54
7   Nadele Flynn 11:00
8   Rebecca Jones 11:11
9   Cynthia Corriveau 11:21
10 Ricarda VonHebel 11.45
11 Leah Hughes 12:05
12 Bri MacKay 12:17
13 Valerie Girard 13:04
14 Maria Popvia 22:00
15 Marie-Pier Martel DNF


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