DPSAY Season Finale Results

Hello DPSAY and Dog Lovers,

The season finale of the DPSAY Twister races at Muktuk Adventures was a great one; great weather, great trail, great food and great company. The temperature stayed nice and cool as the race was going on; all the while the sun lit the Takhini River to give racers a great view of its high banks. The trail was an out and back race with plenty of head on passing and tight groups of racers. Just as the participants of the Recreational Class were coming in, the temperature climbed the perfect amount to make lounging in the sun for the afternoon BBQ a delight.

Into the wild mushers Marine and Mathieu took home first and second place in the 10 mile sled event (We wonder who got to make up the teams?), while rookie racer Annika Wahlisch captured first in the 10 mile skijor category.

A big thank you to Manuela and the crew at Muktuk for hosting the event, feeding us and letting us take over their deck for the day. Thank you Mike Simon for another day of timing.

Prize Sponsors: Yukon Brewing, Yukon Quest


10 Mile Sled

  1. Marine Gastard 43.38
  2. Mathieu Renner 46.12
  3. Fabian Schmitz 54.26
  4. Nathaniel Hamlyn 58.13
  5. Cindy Hawkins 58.15
  6. Adam Robinson 60.64
  7. Erin Stevens 63.47
  8. Krys March 64.20
  9. Jonathan Alsberghe 81.02

10 mile Skijor

  1. Annika Wahlisch 46.38
  2. Claudia Wickert 58.05
  3. Jackie Taylor 61.45
  4. Lisa Kozakewich 65.48

6 Miles Recreational Participants

Jackie Taylor
Robert Siefke


Happy Spring!



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