Carbon Hill Results

Mild temperatures didn’t keep participants from enjoying the trails at the 23rdAnnual Carbon Hill dogsled /skijor race on Sunday. The 30 miler took 12 racers up the beautiful trail towards Alligator Lake, where they made a loop and came back. The trail was in great condition except for a moderate glacial overflow section, which had people saying “yeah it went great” or, a long string of 4 letter words that shouldn’t be repeated here. It also made for some priceless photos.

“The keep right loop” as it’s called was the trail choice for the 10 mile race this year which had 7 racers making “right” hand turns along the length of the course. The route was a first for 4 of the competitors and all went well in a rather uneventful yet fun race.

Three recreational class participants hit the trails in the 6 mile event. Excited about making it down the first hill the group headed left instead of right at a Y-intersection and found themselves on a “choose your own adventure” type of course. They collectively decided to turn around and head back in sort of the same way they came. After the race they shared laughs and their trail stories.

The Kids Dash was full of excited youngsters anxiously awaiting their turn. It was a great success with 14 participants!

Thank you again to our great sponsors and volunteers:
Duffy’s Pets & Tanzilla Harness Supply, Impact Well Drilling, Icy Waters Ltd, Yukon Yamaha
Coast Mountain Sports, Icycle Sports, Yukon Brewing, Cadence Cycle, Capstone Mining, Duffy’s Pets & Tanzilla Harness Supply, Lynn Cheverie, Mike Simon

Helping hands:
Hans Oettli, Judy Beaumont, Miyuki Kato, Mike Simon, Jessica Simon, Colin Morrison, Nathaniel Hamlyn, Ben Goden, Mandy Johnson and her helpers!
and the DPSAY board.

Click here to see some great pictures by David Musselwhite


30 Miles:
Skijor and overall fastest time – Katherine Scheck – 02:51:07
Crispin Studer 02:57:43
Marine Gastard 03:05:27
J.F.Bisson 03:05:35
Jerry Joinson 03:10:25
Didier Moggia 03:18:11
Gerry Willowmitzer 03:18:48
Capelli Michael 03:29:17
Kristina Disney 03:34:37
Claudia Wickert 03:36:37
Lori Tweddell 03:53:37
Louve Tweddell 04:09:22
10 Miles:
Cynthia Corriveau 00:56:22
Adam Robinson 01:01:58
Mandy Johnson 00:48:52
Fabian Schmitz 01:04:35
Genese Keevil 01:09:39
Corrine Radenac 01:13:30
Jonathan Alsberghe 01:24:45
6 Mile Recreational participants:
Jessica Simon with 2 dogs and kick seld
Lindsay Caskenette – skijor with 2 dogs
Jackie Taylor – skijor with 1 dog


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