Twister Race Series SEASON OPENER – Recap and RESULTS

Despite the chilly weather, our season opener to the Twister Race Series went off without a hitch.
7 dog sled teams and 2 skijorers made up the main race, while the non-competitive Rec Class and the Kids Dash each had 2 participants.

The iconic Copper Haul Road was in its classic condition, hard and fast with all participants completing the 10-mile run in well under an hour. Its wide, straight and hard packed trails made for good “snow-hooking”, and a stress-free environment for the dogs to brush off the rust and get back into the feel of meeting other dog teams. Sunny spots along the way made for a bit of warmth to combat Jack Frost nipping at the competitors’ noses.

Jessica Simon was all smiles as she prepared her two pet dogs for the Recreational Class saying: “My dogs are good, now they go that way.” pointing down the trail away from the start line. And down they went full steam ahead! A prime example of how to enjoy the trail with any breed of dog!

Elan, Nola and Sydney enjoyed the first rides on DPSAY’s brand new ‘’Gatt’’ kids sled, as they took part in the Kids Dash. It’s fantastic to see such young kids enjoying this great sport.
Thank you Hans Gatt for donating your time to build this sled.

A big thank you goes out once again to Mike Simon for standing out in the cold to do the timing, and Maren Bradley for helping get teams to the start line as needed.

Thank you Harris with Klondike Snowmobile Association for grooming the trails!

Prize sponsors:
-Coast Mountain Sports
-Icycle Sports

Our next DPSAY race will be the Carbon Hill Race Day at Lorne MT community center on January 15th.
*** please see the 2016-2017 dog powered sports event calendar for more events*****


10 mile race dogsled
-Armin Johnson 37.01
-Marin Gastard 40.00
-Fabian Schmitz 52.11
-Eliza Stunph 52.52
-Claudia Wickert 52.53
-Krys March 53.35
-Erin Stevens 57.13
10 mile Skijor
-Cynthia Corriveau 47.49
-Adam Robinson 53.19

Recreation Class (in order of sign up)
Jessica Simon………………2 dog kick sled
Jonathan Alsberghe…… 2 dog dogsled

Kids Dash
Elan Johnson 00.19
Nola Gastard 00.21
Sydney Stewart 00.52


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