Show your support for DPSAY’s mid-distance race!

Show your support!

Interested in another mid-distance sled dog race in the Yukon? In the tradition of the River Runner 120 and the Cinnamon Bun Run 140, the DPSAY hopes to organize another exciting race event.

At the initial meeting the small group of volunteers focused on the idea to hold a race on the amazing trail system in the Fish Lake/Alligator Lake area.

We now need some more helping hands to make this idea a reality. Lots of volunteers are needed to help organize this event. We are especially looking for some folks to help with trail grooming & marking, sponsorship & fundraising, PR, managing checkpoints, running the finish banquet, …and more!

If we spread the load among many, we should be able to keep the work at a minimum. If there is no support from the mushing community, this race may remain just an idea.

The next meeting will be held at the Town and Mountain Hotel on Sept 22 at 6pm. Come and join us!


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