July 24th Hot Hound Results and Thank You!!!

It was a perfect day for running dogs at “Yukon Skijor and Bikejor Kennels”, not too hot for the four-legged competitors and not too cold for the two-legged kind. The trails were fast, rooty and technical, leaving the bikejorers full of adrenaline and smiles on their faces. Though we saw lower numbers in the biking categories this time, the kennel crew from Caribou Crossing came out to fill the canicross event with 6 competitors. Thank you for participating!

Thank you to our:
Host: Katherine Scheck for sharing her trails and her deck
Timers: Sophie Firmenich and Magnus Kaltenborn
Sponsors: Cadence Cycle, Icycle Sports, Yukon Brewing

The next race will be one August 28th at the Takhini Hot Pools. Hope to see everyone there.

1 Mile Bikejor
1- Adam Robinson 4:28
2- Katherine Scheck 4:32
3- Cynthia Corriveau 5:13

2 Mile Bikejor
1- Cynthia Corriveau 9:14
2- Adam Robinson 9:27
3- Katherine Scheck 9:41
4- Sophie Firmenich 9:52

1 Mile Canicross
1- Adam Robinson 6:28
2- Cecilia. E 6:44
3- Nico Luettschwager 7:08
4- Jaclyn Killins 7:30
5- Elaine S.Bellemare 7:43
6- Cynthia Corriveau 9:11


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