2016 Carbon Hill – Wrap up !

Thanks to everybody who came to participate in the 2016 Carbon Hill, it was again a huge success with a lot of participants, nice groomed trails, and sunshine !
A big thank you to our sponsors: Yukon Brewing, Duffys Pet, Impact Drilling , Icy Waters for the purse, and Icycle Sports, Itsy Bitsy Yarn Store, Midnight Sun Emporium, Lynn Cheverie, Yukon Quest, Icy Waters for prices. A HUGE thank you to Yukon Yamaka who lent us a snowmobile to groom the trails.
And finally another BIG thank you to all the volunteers that made the race possible. From groomers, to registration fairies, to timers, to givers of direction on the trail, the success of events like this one relies a lot on you 🙂
Enough talking, the results are in the picture below. There was a record participation in the 30 miles event, new competitors in the 10 and 6 miles events, and 5 kids in training (go go future generation ;).
See you at our next race on January 31st, 2016 at the Takhini hot springs !

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