DPSAY Winter Schedule and new T-Shirts

Hello Dog Powered Sports Enthusiasts!

We had a great turnout at our social last friday, thanks to those who came:) For the other ones, we love you too, so our schedule for the DPSAY 2015-2016 winter is posted below ! Feel free to share the love by spreading the word 🙂

Our new DPSAY T-shirts have also been released. Price is $15 and we have all sizes available for adults. You can purchase them at our events.

See you really soon to have fun with dogs in the snow !


2015-16 DPSAY Winter Event Schedule

All dates are subject to changes or cancellation depending on weather/snow conditions. Check the DPSAY facebook group, our blog, or your email for recent updates.

Nov 29 – Early Bird Yukon Brewing Copper Haul Twister

Dec 13- Yukon Brewing Twister at the LMCC or at the YDMA trails in the Ibex Valley

Dec 19/20 – Mt. Lorne Christmas Classic (stage race, not organized by DPSAY) at the LMCC

Jan 17 – Carbon Hill Yukon Brewing Twister at the LMCC

Jan 31 – Hot Pools Cool Dogs Yukon Brewing Twister Race at the Takhini Hot Springs

Feb 20 – Canine Sports Massage Workshop at Camp K9 (more info and registration in January)

Feb 21 – Babe Southwick Yukon Brewing Twister Race at the YDMA trails or at Fox Lake

Feb 27/28 – 2016 Cinnamon Bun Run Dog Sled and Skijor Race

Mar 20 – Muktuk Kennel Yukon Brewing Twister Race in the Ibex Valley


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