Poker Run/Walk and Hot Hound Race Results

A big THANK YOU to everybody who came out to the fundraiser on Sunday. We were able to raise $470 for the Yukon Humane Society, which is awesome for our first try at it !

Participants in the poker run/walk wandered along a sweet 1.2 miles trail to collect cards and make their poker hand. Miriam Vogt won the Air North RT for 2 people with a full house, James Stobbs won the Muktuk Adventures half day of sledding for 2 people with a three of a kind, and finally Florence Marien won the Sky High Wilderness certificate with a two pair.

The race followed with a mix of wood and muddy trails to keep the action going ! Dogs enjoyed the cool weather, grouses and other critters on the trail. A bonfire was there to welcome everybody and warm the spirits.

Thanks to all for another great Hot Hound Races season. Stay tuned for our upcoming social event with new DPSAY t-shirts :).  Let’s now do the snow dance !


2 miles-2 dogs bikejoring
1 – Cynthia Corriveau – 9:17 (min:s)
2 – Jonathan Lucas – 10:05
3 – Alexander Etzler – 10:40

1 mile – 1 dog bikejoring
1 – Florian Weber – 6:12
2 – Cynthia Corriveau – 6:46
3 – Eugenie Champeval – 7:43 (junior racer !)
4 – Jonathan Lucas – 16:03 (scooter)

1 mile – 1 dog canicrossing
1 – Sebastien Dos Santos – 6:51
2 – Virginia Sarrazin – 7:50
3 – Armin Johnson – 8:17
4 – Adam Robinson – 8:20
5 – Alysha Coates – 10:14
6 – Meagan Grabowski – 10:16
7 – Cynthia Corriveau – 10:44

A HUGE thank you to our sponsors for the Poker Run/Walk aka Air North, Muktuk Adventures Kennels, Sky High Wilderness Ranch.

And another HUMONGOUS thank you to our sponsors of the 2015 Hot Hound Series aka Yukon Brewing, Baked café, Icycle Sports, Cadence Cycle, Aurora Booties, Muktuk Adventure Kennels, Icy Waters, and Yukon Quest.


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