DPSAY AGM and first 2015 Hot Hound Race at Muktuk Kennels !‏

Hello Dog Powered Sports Enthusiasts,

This is a reminder that DPSAY’s AGM will happen Sunday May 31st, 2015 at 4 pm at Muktuk Kennels in the Ibex Valley (http://muktuk.com/).

The AGM will be followed by a race with three catergories: (1) 1 mile-1 dog bikejoring, (2) 2 miles- 2 dogs bikejoring, (3) 1 mile-1 dog canicrossing.

Finally we will close off the day with a BBQ on the lodge’s deck.

Everyone is welcome ! Sled dogs or pets, your dog can participate !

The AGM will be held at Muktuk’s lodge where the kennel is located. We will elect a new board, so if you are thinking of helping out the Yukon mushing community, this is your time ! We will go back on the road for the race to enjoy some fresher air in the forest. Make sure to bring plenty of water! Helmets are mandatory for the bikejoring races.

Bring some food to share for the BBQ/Potluch on the deck.

We are excited to start up the summer season of hot hound races and are looking forward to see you there!

Your dedicated DPSAY

PS: For anybody interested to join the Board but who would like to understand better what that means, feel free to send your questions before the race and we will be happy to answer. We are an enthusiastic bunch of people who love dogs and mushing, and really enjoy supporting dog powered sports in the Yukon.


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