Yukon Brewing Twister Race Series #5 – Watson Valley Grand Finale Results‏

The 2015 DPSAY winter season finished the same way it started, with another exciting race held at the Lorne Mountain Community Centre. Participants were treated to sunny skies, hard, fast trails, and great competition.

9 mushers competed in the 10 mile event, with Jonathan Lucas taking first place in the sled category with a time of 35:58, and Armin Johnson and Alexandra Rochat rounding out the top three. Katherine Sheepway placed first in the skijor category with a winning time of 34:22.

6 sled teams and 1 skijorer competed in the 4 mile recreational class, with Katherine Sheepway and her lead dog Grizzly skiing to another first place finish with a time of 18:36. Darryl Sheepway and Deb Knight finished in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively.

After the races, the day’s events wrapped up with an awards ceremony under the pavilion at the Lorne Mountain Community Centre, and food served by Ron and Kristin of Easy Street Treats.

DPSAY would like to extend a huge thank you to their generous sponsors, Yukon Brewing Company, Gerry Willomitzer and Distance Dog Food, Coast Mountain Sports, Icycle Sports, Capstone Mining, and Aurora Booties. DPSAY would also like to thank all of their members, participants and volunteers for a wonderful winter season. Up next on the DPSAY race schedule will be the Hot Hounds Dryland Racing Series. Please keep your eye on our blog and Facebook page for information on these and other upcoming events.

For full race results, see below.


Watson Valley Grand Finale Results, April 5th, 2015


10 mile Sled

1. Jonathan Lucas   35:58

2. Armin Johnson   36:16

3. Alexandra Rochat   38:19

4. Nathaniel Hamlyn   38:29

5. Magnus Kaltenborn   40:47

6. Jakub Nemcek   44:48

7. Erin Stevens   50:38


10 mile Skijor           

1. Katherine Sheepway   34:22

2. Darryl Sheepway   37:53


4 mile Recreational

1. Katherine Sheepway   18:36 (skijor)

2. Darryl Sheepway   20:48

3. Deb Knight   21:48

4. Martina Tejmlova   22:48

5. Jacob Heiger   23:31

6. Madisyn Schultz   26:58

7. Janet Keller   30:00


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