Countdown to Race Start

Today an excited crowd of mushers, volunteers and race officials met at the Yukon College for the pre-race meeting. Updates for the start line organization, the trail conditions and the checkpoint procedures were given and those last minute questions answered. The mushers also drew their start numbers for tomorrow’s race. If you want to follow the race, stay tuned. We will try to keep race updates posted on the DPSAY blog and facebook.
Here is the order of mushers and skijorers to leave the start chute at Takhini Hot Springs tomorrow:

140 Mile Ski

BIB# Name Start Time
1 Darryl Sheepway 11:00
2 Katherine Sheepway 11:02

140 Mile Sled

BIB# Name Start Time
3 Jason Biasetti 11:04
4 Steve Gibbons 11:06
5 Nathaniel Hamlyn 11:08
6 Jean-Marc Champeval 11:10
7 Paul Hamlyn 11:12
8 Maren Bradley 11:14
9 Audren Rodzinka 11:16
10 Crispin Studer 11:18
11 Gaetan Pierrard 11:20
12 Gerry Willomitzer 11:22
13 Marine Gastard 11:24
14 Normand Casavant 11:26

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