Yukon Brewing Twister Series # 3 – Babe Southwick

We are excited to announce that DPSAY is taking over the organization of this historical race previoulsy organized by the Yukon Sourdough Rendez Vous!!

The race will be hosted by Yukon Horsepacking Adventures at Fox Lake (http://yukonhorsepacking.com/). Armin and Mandy Johnson will happily welcome us to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the race ! A big THANK YOU to C&D Feeds for being the Race Day Sponsor !

The race will follow the usual Twister format with 2 options:
– 15 miles course with 6 to 8 dogs for sleds and 2 to 4 dogs for skijorers.
– 5 miles course for the recreational class with 4 dogs for sleds and 1 to 2 dogs for skijorers.

Schedule for the day will be:
– 9:30 am: registration
– 10 am: musher’s meeting
– 11 am: 15 miles race
– 12:30: rec class
– 1 pm: POTLUCK!

Kids are welcome and we will organize a short race for them if there is interest.

Come join us at this beautiful place and bring something to share for the potluck. Let’s show our willing to continue the history of the race in the Yukon !!

Sponsors for the race are Yukon Brewing, C&D Feeds, Polarcom, Gerry Willomitzer giving bags of  Long Distance Dog Food, Superstore, Coast Mountain Sports, Men’s World, Icycle, Captsone, Aurora Booties.

– 15 and 5 mile races: $10 for members, $15 for non members
– Membership: $15 for individual, $25 for kennels.

See YOU and YOUR DOGS there !


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