Twister Series Race #2 – Cool Dogs Hot Pools‏

Hello Dog Powered Sports Enthusiasts !

Our next race is already coming up on February 1st at the Takhini Hot Pools ! A fun and beautiful trail, delicious crepes and hot springs, what else can you ask for !

There will a:
– 13 miles races for both skijorers and dog sleds (8 dogs max for sleds and 4 dogs max for skijorers)
– 5 miles recreational race open to multiple disciplines as long as dog(s) are pulling (ski, kicksled, bike, or whatever you want to try !) – 4 dogs max for sleds and 2 dogs max for other vessels).
– a skijoring workshop for anybody who’d like to give it a try.

Both trails are looped with beautiful views. We are lucky to have the Café Balzam and the Takhini hot pools as hosts with a dedicated Bonnie B. Good aka Robert Herlich plowing and marking the trails 🙂

Schedule of the day:
– 9:30: Registration for all events
– 10 am: Mandatory mushers meeting for all events
– 11 am: 13-miles Race will start with teams leaving in 2min intervals
– 12 pm: Skijoring workshop
– 1 pm: Rec. Class will start
– 2 pm: Awards ceremony!

Every racer will have free access to the hot pools. Café balzam will host the registration and the awards ceremony during which you can enjoy one of their fabulous crepes (

For the skijoring workshop, please bring your dog, his harness, a belt and a line. You can borrow some equipment on site but we may not have enough !

– Race: $10 for DPSAY members and $15 for Non-Members.
– Workshop: Free!
– Membership: $15 for individuals and $25 for kennels.

Services offered:
– Toilets are available at café Balzam.
– Water for dogs not available.

DPSAY is really excited to be hosting again a race at the Takhini hot pools and hopes to see you out there ! More info: or

Your dedicated DPSAY board 🙂


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