Yukon Brewing Twister Race Series “The Carbon Hill Race Day” – Results

On Sunday DPSAY held the first race of the season in the Yukon Brewing Twister Race series, “The Carbon Hill Race Day”.  For DPSAY’s version of the Carbon Hill competitors were able to enter the same 6 and 10 mile event as had been previously held at Carbon Hill Races, however the usual 30 mile event saw a change to the trail that had competitors race a new 38 mile course that travelled up into the Alligator Lake valley and return.  We had optimal weather conditions, nice cold temperatures and blue skies.  The trail was groomed wide, hard and fast.  The turn out was excellent, we had 12 sled teams and 3 Skijor teams enter the 30-mile, and there were 9 sled teams and 7 skijor teams enter the 10-mile event.  The recreational class had 11 competitors run the 6-mile course including one person on a fat tire winter bike and another on a Skateboard.

For the 30-mile Skijor event, Katherine Sheepway continued her winning streak from last season and skied to a fast first place with a time of 2hrs 37min 17sec.  Katherine also posted the fastest time of the day on the 30-mile trail.  Second went to Katherine’s husband Darryl, and 3rd place went to Cynthia Corriveau.

In the 30-mile sled event Crispin Studer won his 5th 30-mile Carbon Hill race with a time of 2hrs 43mins 15sec.  Second place went to Nathaniel Hamlyn and Marine Gastard finished 3rd.

In the 10-mile Skijor Virginia Sarrazin finished in 1st place with a time of 30 minutes even.  Claudia Wickert finished in 2nd and Damaris Riedwyl took 3rd place.

For the 10-mile Sled event we had another married couple finishing 1st and 2nd with Mandy Johnson edging out her husband Armin by one minute with a time 28 minutes.  Armin Johnson Finished 2nd and Natalie Sands took 3rd.

And finally for the 6-mile Recreational Class, Katherine Sheepway won her 2nd race of the day and set a new record for the course finishing the 6-mile trail 20mins and 26sec.  Catherine Mallet finished 2nd and Natasha Brumer took 3rd.

The event was wrapped up with a quick awards ceremony and food served up by Ron and Kristin of Easy Street Treats.

DPSAY would like to send a special THANKS to our Purse Sponsors Duffy’s Pets and Tanzilla Harness Supply, Impact Drilling, Horizon Helicopters and Icy Waters.  We would also like to give a big thanks to our prize sponsors that keep us running and having fun! Yukon Brewing, Aurora Booties, Gerry Willomitzer and Distance Dog Food, Cadence Cycle, Takhini Hot Springs, Baked Café, Icycle Sports, and The Feed Store.

DPSAY would also like to thank our dedicated volunteers, including our Race Day Coordinator and Race Marshall Hans Oettli, trail crew, timers, start and finish line helpers, registration crew and everyone else who helped out on Sunday.

And lastly we would like to thank all of the participants for showing up, bringing their dogs and taking part in these events.  DPSAY was really excited to take on The Carbon Hill and we were really pleased to have so many competitors come out and show their continued support of this event and our organization.

The 2nd Yukon Brewing Twister Race of this season will be Sunday February 1st at the Takhini Hot Pools.

See you all in 2 weeks.


30 Miles – Ski
Position Bib# Name hh:mm:ss
1 2 Katherine Sheepway 2:37:17
2 1 Darryl Sheepway 3:07:10
3 3 Cynthia Corriveau 3:28:13
30 Miles – Sled
Position Bib# Name hh:mm:ss
1 9 Crispin Studer 2:43:15
2 12 Nathaniel Hamlyn 2:47:30
3 6 Marine Gastard 2:56:00
4 7 Thomas Verin 3:04:39
5 4 Gerry Willomitzer 3:05:28
6 13 Carolin Leipert 3:07:54
7 11 Yuka Honda 3:14:36
8 10 Jade Netzer 3:16:59
9 5 Jean-Marc Champeval 3:24:04
10 14 Ed Hopkins 3:37:42
11 8 Josh Skerrit 3:45:32
12 15 Fabian Schmitz 3:49:39
10 Miles – Ski
Position Bib# Name mm:ss
1 25 Virginia Sarrazin 30:00
2 18 Claudia Wickert 41:00
3 17 Damaris Riedwyl 41:01
4 26 Sophie Firmenich 41:02
5 21 Stephen Clark 47:00
6 20 Jade Rochat 49:00
7 27 Adam Robinson 52:00
10 Miles – Sled
Position Bib# Name mm:ss
1 23 Mandy Johnson 28:00
2 22 Armin Johnson 29:00
3 24 Natalie Sands 39:00
4 19 Erin Stevens 45:00
5 28 Krys March 46:00
6 31 Magnus Kaltenborn 46:01
7 30 Maren Bradley 47:00
8 29 Meagan Gnabowski 48:00
9 16 Pascal Krebs 54:00
6 Miles – Rec. Class
Position Bib# Name mm:ss Activity
1 41 Katherine Sheepway 20:26 2 dogs – Ski
2 37 Catherine Mallet 24:12 2 dogs – Ski
3 33 Natasha Brumer 25:10 4 dogs – Sled
4 39 Opal Mariell 26:27 4 dogs – Sled
5 32 Isabel Ness 27:35 2 dogs – Ski
6 35 Greg Whiteside 28:52 3 dogs – Sled
7 40 Richard Malvasio 31:22 1 dog – Fatbike
8 38 Ann Bowen 34:44 1 dog – Ski
9 43 Maren Bradley 35:42 1 dog – Ski
10 36 Travis Bernard 49:08 1 dog – Ski
11 42 Damaris Riediryl 1:01:10 1 dog – Skatesnowboard



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