2015 Yukon Brewing Twister Series Race Schedule !!‏

Hello dog powered sports enthusiasts!

I am sure that all of you are thinking the same thing as us right now, when is the first Twister Race going to be?

Well, wait no more. Here is the 2015 Yukon Brewing Twister races tentative schedule! This message will contain the tentative race schedule for the 2014/2015 Twister Season.

But first, we would like to make a great announcement. DPSAY is going to provide a reboot to the Mt. Lorne Carbon Hill Race by making it part of the Yukon Brewing Twister Race Series.

We will still follow the Past Carbon Hill Race structure and have 30 mile and 10 miles events as well as a rec/pet class; however we will make changes to 30 miles course for an even greater experience by going to Alligator lake.

And now for our Tentative Race schedule:

Race #1
It looks like our first scheduled race of the season for the 2014/2015 Yukon Brewing Twister Race Series is going to be, Sunday January 18th at the Mt. Lorne Community Centre for “The Carbon Hill Race Day”

Race #2
Sunday February 01/2015 at the Takhini Hot Pools.

Race #3
Sunday February 22/2015 at a location to be determined, a reboot of the Babe Southwick Race also called the Rendez-vous sprint race which will be celebrating its 50th birthday !

Race #3
Sunday March 22/2015 at Muktuk Kennels.

Race #4
Sunday April 5/2015 at Mt.Lorne Community Centre for “The Watson Valley Grand Finale”.

We are still working on a race for December and if it happens, it will likely happen on short notice so please keep checking out blog and Facebook page.

Keep hoping for snow people! The long term precipitation forecast looks somewhat promising.

DPSAY Twister Organizers


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