2015 Cinnamon Bun Run – Update and Checkpoint Coordinator Call Out

Hey DPSAY friends,

Last week an enthusiastic bunch met to get this year’s preparations of DPSAY’s mid-distances dog sled and skijoring race on its way. The 2015 Cinnamon Bun Run is going to start on March 7, 2015 at the Takhini Hot Springs and will see the teams return after a mandatory layover at Braeburn Lodge. Categories will be 130 mile sled, 130 mile ski and 70 mile ski.

Race Director Cynthia Corriveau will take the lead on the preparations for this exciting event. We already have a number of volunteers committed to coordinate some of the many jobs that need to get done to make for a successful race.

But we are still looking for a few dedicated volunteers to help us organize the 2015 Cinnamon Bun Run and most important: The position of the Checkpoint Coordinator is still vacant. If you are interested to help Yukon’s dog mushing community and work with a fun group to make this event happen, come to our next meeting:

Tuesday, Dec 2, 2014 at 5:30pm at Virginia’s office (Associated Engineering at the corner of 4th and Main St, above Coast Mt Sports).

CBR Race Committee


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