Results Hot Hound Race Takhini Hot Pools

On Sunday Sept 28 we held our final race of the season in the Hot Hounds Dryland Race Series at the Takhini Hot Pools.  The weather co-operated and the rain stopped just before the start of our beginner’s clinic and it turned out to be muddy and slippery yet excellent day to race some dogs.  The turn out was excellent, especially for DPSAY’s second beginner’s clinic of the season.  We had 9 people attend our beginner’s clinic with their dogs looking to give canicross and bikejoring a try.  After the beginner’s clinic the races began with the 1 mile 1 dog bikejor event.

There were five teams entered in the 1 mile – 1 Dog event, 4 teams using bikes and one with a scooter.  This event ended in a tie between rival dogs Nahanni and Grizzly who both pulled their drivers Cynthia Corriveau and Darryl Sheepway around the technical and muddy trail in 5min 10sec.  Second Place in the 1 dog 1 Mile went to Adam Robinson who completed the trail in 5min 28sec, and third place went to Opal Mariell with a time of 5min 38sec.

We saw seven teams enter the 2 mile – 2 Dog event, 6 teams using bikes and 1 with a scooter.  The win went to Cynthia Corriveau and her team who completed the 2 mile course in 9min 37sec, a full 48sec ahead of second place finisher Darryl Sheepway.  Third place in the 2 mile event went to Katherine Sheepway, who finished the course in 10min 29sec.

And finally we had seven teams run the 1 mile canicross event, and the win went to Simi Morrison who completed the 1mile trail in 8min 50sec.  Second Place in the 1 dog canicross went to Damarous Riedwyl who completed the trail in 9min 28sec, and third place went to Florian Lill with a time of 9min 35sec.

The event was wrapped up with a quick awards ceremony and a BBQ, where all of the participants were able to get their fill of burgers, chicken, sausage, salads, and brownies before finishing the night off with a relaxing dip in the Takhini Hot Pools.

The DPSAY board would like to thank our hosts The Takhini Hot Pools for allowing DPSAY use of their facilities and generously donating passes to the pool for all participants, as well as Robert Sifke for preparing the trail for this event.  We would also like to give a special thanks to the Muktuk crew for coming out and attending our beginner’s clinic and for providing all the delicious food for the BBQ.  Finally we would like to thank Pascal for working the grill and making sure that everyone was able to enjoy the food.

DPSAY would also like to send a special THANKS to our awesome prize sponsors that keep us running and having fun! Yukon Brewing, Aurora Booties, Cadence Cycle, Takhini Hot Springs, Baked Café, Icycle Sports, and The Feed Store.

And lastly we would like to thank all of the participants for showing up, bringing their dogs and taking part in these events.  If it wasn’t for the participants there wouldn’t be a need for these events to happen, you make it worth the effort.  THANKS


1 dog 1 mile bikejor

Darryl Sheepway                   5:10

Cynthia Corriveau                  5:10

Adam Robinson                     5:28

Opal Mariell                           5:38

Armin Johnson                      7:17


2 dog 2 mile bikejor

Cynthia Corriveau                 9:37

Darryl Sheepway                 10:25

Katherine Sheepway           10:29

Adam Robinson                   10:43

Martin Haefele                     11:56

Armin Johnson                    12:45

Opal Mariell                         12:47


1 mile canicross

Simi Morrison                        8:50

Damarous Riedwyl                9:28

Florian Lill                              9:35

Ryan Brooks                           9:36

Adam Robinson                     10:00

Courtney Terriah                  11:22

Pascal Krebs                          12:01


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