Results Mt. Lorne Hot Hound Race

Thanks to everybody who joined us for the race at Mt Lorne this past sunday. We had a great turn out with some new people who tried the bikejoring races, congrats Matthew Sider and Marcel Vander Wier !!

The 2 miles course was quite technical and racers enjoyed it. A couple of markers got smashed down, I heard someone got lost for a min, but other than that, we saw happy faces coming back. The 1 mile course had some good curves but being mostly flat, it was perfect to have fun… with the dogs.

A big THANK YOU to the DPSAY crew and to our sponsors: Aurora Booties, Coast Mountain Sports, Duffy’s, Yukon Brewing.

Bikejoring – 2 miles – 2 dogs

1 Darryl Sheepway 9:37

2 Jean-Marc Champeval 11:07

3 Martin Haefele 12:08

4 Alexandra Rochat 15:59

5 Matt Sider (one dog) 18:14

Bikejoring – 1 mile – 1 dog

1 Darryl Sheepway 2:39

2 Jean-Marc Champeval & Virginia Sarrazin 2:50

4 James Stobbs 3:42

5 Janet Keller 3:49

6 Marcel Vander Wier 3:50

7 Heather Robb 3:59

8 Matt Sider 4:24

9 Martin Haefele 4:35

Canicross – 1 mile – 1 dog

1 Virginia Sarrazin 3:35

2 Simi Morrisson 4:17

3 Alexandra Rochat 5:23


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