Sunday race at Stardog Kennel‏ – Results

This past Sunday we held our second race of the season in the Hot Hounds Dryland Race Series. The Weather co-operated and it turned out to be an excellent day to race some dogs. The turn out was small because of the long we, but that didn’t stop the competitors that did show up from having a great time. We were able to field contenders in all three of our usual categories (2mile/2 Dog bikejor, 1mile/1 Dog Bikejor, and 1 mile Canicross) and we even had some new faces attend.

There were three teams entered in the 2mile/2 Dog and the win went to newcomer Julien Rouget who completed the technical 2-mile trail with his 2 Dog team in 8min 55sec.

We saw five teams enter the 1mile/1 Dog and the win went to Darryl Sheepway and his dog Grizzly who completed the 1-mile trail in 4min 27sec. This is Grizzly and Darryl’s second win of this season in the 1mile/1 Dog event.

And finally we had 4 teams run the 1mile Canicross event, and the win went to Virginia Sarrazin who completed the 1mile trail in 6min 10sec. This is also Virginia’s second win of the season in the 1mile Canicross event.

The event was wrapped up with a quick Awards Ceremony and a BBQ, where all of the participants were able to get their fill of burgers, Sausage, salad, melon, and some fresh caught Lake Trout (provided by Colin and Simi Morrison)

The DPSAY board would like to thank our hosts Katherine and Darryl Sheepway for opening up their yard and preparing the trail for this event. We would also like to give a special thanks to our long time dedicated volunteer Jessica Simon for coming out and taking care of the timing for this event.

DPSAY would also like to make a special THANKS to our awesome prize sponsors that keep us running and having fun! Yukon Brewing, Aurora Booties, Cadence Cycle, Takhini Hot Springs, Yukon Quest, and Lynn Cheverie.

And Lastly we would like to thank all of the participants for showing up, bringing their dogs and taking part in these events. If it wasn’t for the participants there wouldn’t be a need for these events to happen, you make it worth the effort. THANKS

Race Results in Full

2mile/2 dogs Bikejor
1. Julien Rouget 8:55
2. Darryl Sheepway 9:12
3. Katherine Sheepway 9:27

1mile/1 Dog Bikejor
1. Darryl Sheepway 4:27
2. Sophie Firmenich 4:55
3. Virginia Sarrazin 4:59
4. Katherine Sheepway 5:13
5. Janet Keller 7:37

1mile Canicross
1. Virginia Sarrizan 6:10
2. Simi Morrison 7:06
3. Katherine Sheepway 9:06
4. Maren Bradley 9:31

Next Race, July 27th at the Mt Lorne Community Centre !


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