Next Hot Hound Race at Stardog Kennel on June 29, 5pm

Hello dog powered sports enthusiasts,

The new board is working on the schedule for this seasons Hot Hounds Race Series and we are pleased to announce that the 2nd race of the season will be next Sunday June 29th, 5pm at Stardog Kennels on the Annie Lake Road.

The format will be the same as always, featuring a 2.2 mile bikejoring course, a 1 mile bikejoring course and a 1 mile Canicross course.

The Trail will be exactly the same as the last seasons race at Stardog which proved to be a big hit with competitors and dogs alike. The trail is fast and technical with small rolling hills, lots of tree roots to negotiate, and there will be head on passing.

The courses are completely shaded with trees and there will be a small pool for the doggies to soak in afterwards.

Following the events, there will be a quick awards ceremony and a BBQ. So come on out, bring some drinks and food and have some fun!

See you all on the 29th

Directions (from Whitehorse)

Drive south on the South Klondike highway to the Annie Lake Road. Turn right on the Annie lake Road. Drive 7.8km to Baker’s Acres Road (yes we have a road sign now). Turn left on Baker’s Acres Road and Stardog Kennels is the 2nd driveway on the right. There is a big sign at the entrance to the driveway.


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