DPSAY AGM and first Hot Hound Race on Sat May 31

Hi dog Powered Sports Lover !

It is that time of the year, the DPSAY AGM and first Hot Hound Race of the season 🙂 will take place on May 31st, 2014 at 4pm at Mike and Jessica’s place (Mayo Road).

A team of dedicated people have been rolling the ball for a year. Despite an unpredictable winter, we were able to organize 5 Yukon Brewing Twister Races and a successful River Runner 120 with a last minute change of trail !

Come out to our AGM to hear more about the past year and share your ideas. We will need new Board Members to be able to continue this work and kick off new projects/events. Without the Board, DPSAY would not exist and would not offer races and events. Think about it !

After the AGM, bring a dog or two and hit the trail for a one mile or two miles bikejoring race, or a one mile canicross race.

See you there !


Directions: Mike and Jessica’s place is at km 4.5 Mayo Road, on the left, just passed the Takhini Hot Springs Road when going north (check for the sign).


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