Next Yukon Brewing Twister at Takhini Hot Springs on Sun March 16‏

Hi everybody,

Adaptation has been the key word for this winter, and after exploring several options, our next and final Yukon Brewing Twister race of the season will be at the Takhini Hot Springs on Sunday March 16, 2014. Thanks for their support and for welcoming us …again !

Come and have fun on a fast and wide trail. Registration at 10 am and race start at 11 am.

– 20 km distance (4 to 8 dogs sled or 1 to 4 dogs skijoring)

– 7 km kids (1 to 4 dogs)

– 7 km recreational/pet dogs

And then enjoy a delicious brunch at Cafe Bazalm or jump in the hot springs ! Sponsors are Yukon Brewing, Takhini Hot Springs, Lynn Cheverie, Bean North, Yukon Quest.

See you there.


2 thoughts on “Next Yukon Brewing Twister at Takhini Hot Springs on Sun March 16‏

  1. Hey there! I’m wondering if anyone out there wants to help out with getting the mail run trail through to Atlin? I have 45 miles of trail marked from Carcross to the bush trail at moose arm. There has been snowmachine traffic, the snow is good, but we need to run some chainsaws in there to get anything more than a 6 dog team through! Its too late this year to get a full blown mail run happening, but a fun run/ moose arm party would be a nice closer to the season (thinking April 5 and 6), and it might spark some interest in the area towards participating next year.
    Thanks, enjoy the sunshine!!

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