2014 River Runner starts tomorrow!!!

It’s race time! Today the official pre-race meeting kicked off the 2014 River Runner events. Mushers, officials, vets and volunteers gathered at the Yukon College to discuss logistics, trail conditions and all those last minute questions. Another good night’s sleep and the skijorers and mushers will leave the start chute and head down the trail to Braeburn in the following order:

14 Adam Robinson 13:00
15 Cynthia Corriveau 13:02
1 Maren Bradley 13:04
2 Tamra Reynolds 13:06
3 Jason Biasetti 13:08
4 William Kleedehn 13:10
5 Brian Wilmshurst 13:12
6 Ed Hopkins 13:14
7 Gustav Sakshaug 13:16
8 Gerry Willomitzer 13:18
9 Nathaniel Hamlyn 13:20
10 Simi Morrison 13:22
11 Jacob Heigers 13:24
12 Magnus Kaltenborn 13:26
13 Marine Gastard 13:28


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