Excitement is in the air – 2014 River Runner 120 to start soon!

Hello, DPSAY members and friends!

Excitement, nerves and lust for adventure are in the air! We can feel it! It must be race day soon…

… and just to add to all of the anticipation, here is a RR120 race update with some pretty exciting news.

There are 16 teams signed up for the RR120, 13 of those are dog sled teams, 2 are skijorers for the 120 mile class, and the other for the 60 mile. The RR120 is renown for it’s late entries, so who knows who has yet to sign up. Is this strategy? Indecisiveness? Who knows!? But perhaps this will sweeten the deal: The total purse for all categories combined is $4050 and with every mushers that signs up, the purse increases by $100 ($50 for the 60 mile skijor event). If you are one of these potential participants, you have until 6:15pm on February 21, 2014 to sign up. Following this, you must then attend the RR120 mushers meeting, which will be held at 6:30pm that same day (Feb 21, 2014) in Room A2206 at the Yukon College. If you are one of these late registrants, you also suffer the misfortune of paying an addition $50 for the late entry fee.

(NB: RR120 participants must be members of DPSAY)

For more information, race rules and entry form, please visit the Race Info page.


River Runner Race Committee


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