2014 River Runner Update

Well, it’s official! As a result of the overwhelming requests from you sled dog enthusiasts to not cancel the race, the RR120 dog sled and skijor race committee has made arrangements to reroute the trail so the race can go on!

Due to the unseasonable weather conditions, the RR120 race committee could not guarantee that the original race trail to Mendenhall and back was safe and passable. In light of this, this year’s race will start at TAKHINI HOT SPRINGS and run to BRAEBURN and back. What this means for race participants is that there are considerable difference in the staging area, the start/finish, trail mileage, and assistance on trail.


Registration for the RR120 is now open. The entry fees are as follows:  120 mile sled/ski $125 and 60 mile ski: $75 (NB: You must be a DPSAY member to take part in the race. You can become a member by filling out the RR120 entry form and paying the required DPSAY membership fee ($15 single, $25 kennel) as indicated on the form).

Race registration closes February 14th, 2014. After this date, late registrations will be subject to an additional $50 fee.


The RR120 Race Coordinator has calculated the distance as 69 miles one way, which is approximately a 9 mile difference from the original RR120 route. One of the initial considerations for the previous race route to Mendenhall and back was that it gave newer and less experienced mushers an opportunity to run a mid distance race with the ease of knowing that they could access support easily should the proverbial “shit hit the fan”. It should be noted that as a result of this trail change, assistance on the trail will be much more limited. We realize that this goes without saying, however, we need to say it anyway: When deciding to register for the race, potential participant need to consider whether they are ready and equipped to care for themselves and their dogs should something occur and the RR120 trail crew cannot reach them immediately. (NB: Mike Simon will sweep the trail, however, he will be leaving well after the last team and it may be a few hours before he is able to assist).

Because we no longer have to wait for Rendez Vous events to finish, we were able to bump the race start from 4pm to 1pm. The staging and start/finish line are now at the Takhini Hot Springs parking lot.

Cafe Balsam, is the new restaurant at the Takhini Hot Springs. It will be open from 10am to 10pm.

Both hot and cold water will be available at Braeburn Lodge

Sleeping arrangements will be different. There are 3 separate rooms for participants to sleep in. Each room can fit 3-4 people comfortably. Room availability will be on a first come first serve basis. There will be additional sleeping space in the Braeburn Lodge restaurant. You are also welcome to sleep in your dog truck.

Food is not by donation. If you do not supply your own, you can purchase it at the lodge. Steve has agreed to keep the restaurant open 24 hours for the RR120 race. The lodge does accept debit/credit cards.

As per usual, straw will be available for the participants’ teams.


The mushers’ meeting will take place on February 21st, at 6:30pm at Room A2206, Yukon College. We will provide you with more details and will answer your questions. Vets will be there to check the vaccines so please bring your paperwork.

This meeting is mandatory for all race participants.


Our award banquet will take place in the Grey Mtn room at the Mount Mac Rec Centre starting at 6 pm. The banquet is free for racers and their handler (1). Any additional people are welcome by donation.


We understand that with the changes, many people will have questions and the RR120 race committee welcomes all of them. We too are playing catch up and are busy adjusting to the new arrangements. We thank you all in advance for your patience and understanding as we iron out any wrinkles.

Happy February!
DPSAY/RR120 Race Committee


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