Results Yukon Brewing Twister at Takhini Hot Springs

And another successful race happened yesterday at the Takhini Hot Springs. We were first welcomed to a coffee at Cafe Balzam, then 2 teams ran the 7 km loop for the AWG qualifiers, followed by 13 teams on the 20 km loop, and finally everybody enjoyed the delicious food back at the cafe and a soak at the Hot Springs. The temperature was warm and the trail was fast, so interesting conditions to challenge the teams !

The results for the AWG qualifiers (7 km) are:
1. Lori Twedell, 19:45
2. Louve Twedell, 20:43
And congratulations for representing the Yukon at the next AWG in Fairbanks, way to go !

The results for skijoring (20 km) are:
1. Katherine Sheepway, 53:30 (4 dogs)
2. Cynthia Corriveau, 55:23 (3 dogs)
3. Sarah Ouellette, 1:05:42 (2 dogs)
4. Jess Wood, 1:11:13 (3 dogs)
5. Virginia Sarrazin, 1:11:33 (3 dogs)

The results for sleds (20 km) are:
1. Gunter Glaeser, 56:49
2. Marine Gastard, 57:32
3. Alexandra Rochat, 58:40
4. Darryl Sheepway, 1:05:54
5. Claudia Wickert, 1:10:22
6. Jean-Marc Champeval, 1:11:00
7. Pierre-Luc Fortin, 1:14:13
8. Martin Haefele, 1:16:08

Thanks to our volunteers, Robert for making a great trail!, Aaron for handling the teams to the starting line, Mike and Jessica for taking the times and for always be there cheering the teams!, Lisa on the trail, and James for taking great pictures.

And let’s not forget our awesome sponsors, Yukon Brewing, Takhini Hot Springs, Aurora Booties, Yukon Quest, Bean North, and Lynn Cheverie.

See you on February 15th at Fox Lake for the next Twister Race !


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