DPSAY Town Club Social (and membership sign-up and renewal)‏

Membership renewal time with a twist- Past, present and future members are invited to hang out at the Town Club (Pub located in the Town and Mountain Hotel) on October 30th, starting at 5:30pm.

Now’s the time to show all of those nay sayers that mushers aren’t weird and anti-social!! Show up and reconnect with cool DPSAY friends and members you typically only see in the winter and get excited about the upcoming season over a nice, cold, refreshing… conversation.

DPSAY’s also got new cool (or warm rather… yep, i went there) HOODIES!!! So you can also show those same nay sayers that mushers have some fashion sense as well 😉

There will be lotsa DPSAY deals, prizes and draws…

So come and hang out and start the season off right! Everybody renewing their membership that day gets a hoody for free (also if you bought your membership this summer and show up)!

See you next Wednesday



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