Next Hot Hound Race on Sept 8th at the Takhini Hot Springs

Fall has arrived, the dogs are getting excited, so come join us to the last Hot Hound race of the season at the Takhini Hot Springs on September 8th !

As usual, you will be able to run or bikejor a 1 mile loop with 1 dog, or bikejor a 2 mile loop with 2 dogs. Bring food to share after the race, a barbeque will be available for your use.  And, our hosts are offering a soak in the pool for later on.

Sounds like a plan?! So come at 4:30 pm to register. The race will start at 5:00 pm.

To find us, take the Hot Springs Road, and turn before the pool’s parking as if going to the campground. Then, DPSAY signs will guide you to the big log shelter.

See you Sunday !

Takhini Hot Springs Race


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