Outcome AGM and Solstice Race

It was great to see quite some people braving the heat (that doesn’t really mix with sled dogs) and come out to join our AGM and to even race a few miles bikejoring/canicrossing.

After giving a summary of last year’s events and presenting the financial report the present membership voted in a new board. We are very excited to announce a full board again with familiar faces of Virginia Sarrazin, Claudia Wickert, Stefan Wackerhagen and Amil Dupuis-Rossi. New faces to the Board are Cynthia Corriveau, Adam Robinson, Martin Haefele and Robert Siefke.

After the AGM it was time to race dogs!

Due to the high temperatures we decided to shorten the trail and all three races used the same course of just over 1 mile. It seemed like some dogs – or was it the mushers? – didn’t quite agree with this decision and wanted to run some extra miles taking a wrong turn in the 1 dog bikejoring race. With joined forces both mushers made it back after a long mile. Luckily Adam and Cynthia brought their dog swimming pool and the dogs could get a well-deserved cool down.  The other two races went smoothly with Cynthia Corriveau winning the 2 dog class and Adam Robinson placed first in the Canicross category, having run faster than some people biked!

See post below for full results. Pictures of the race taken by James Stobbs can be found on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.441135729317868.1073741826.301066083324834&type=1

Stay tuned for a monthly Hot Hound Race until September and – I know nobody thinks about the winter now – the upcoming Twister season.  More info coming soon!


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