Yukon Brewing Twister at Fox Lake, Saturday March 2nd

For the first time ever DPSAY will have a Yukon Brewing Twister Race at Fox Lake. Mandy Pearson and Armin Johnson will host a 10 mile Skijor/Dogsled Race, a 4 mile Rec/Pet race and a 4 mile kid loop at their kennel on Sunday March 3rd.

Registration is at 10am and the race will start at 11 am. Dog limits are 1-4 dogs for 10 mile ski, 4-8 dogs for the 10 mile sled, 1-2 dogs for the pet/rec and 1-4 dogs for the kids class.

To get to their place drive north on Klondike Highway towards Braeburn. At KM 237 (just before the actual Fox Lake) you will see the sign to their place “Yukon Horsepacking Adventures” pointing to the left (opposite Highway side of Martine & Didier’s Driveway). Once you turned off the Highway take the next right and drive a few hundred meters to their yard.

If you have any questions please contact me at Fabian@weitewege.de.

2013_03_fox lake


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