Starting Order – River Runner

Here is the starting order for the start of the 2013 River Runner tomorrow, Saturday Feb 23, at 3pm at Shipyards Park. Teams are going out with a 2 min interval!

Good luck to all the racers!


120 Mile Skijoring

(1)    Stefan Wackerhagen

(2)    Adam Robinson

(3)    Darryl Sheepway

(4)    Cynthia Corriveau

120 Mile Sled

(5)    Michelle Phillips

(6)    Martine LeLevier

(7)    Alex Rochat

(8)    Ed Hopkins

(9)    Marie Royer

(10) Magnus Kaltenborn

(11) Jason Biasetti

(12) Dany Jette

(13) Steve Gibbons

(14) Simi Morrison

(15) Jacob Heigers

(16) J.J. Levy

(17) Crispin Studer

(18) Melissa Schenke

(19) Maren Bradley


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