The Silver Sled Race AGM, Saturday Jan 19, 3pm


Annual General Meeting

Saturday, January 19th, 2013
1033 Nygren Subdivision, Haines Junction
3 pm

All members of the public interested in and enthusiastic about the revival of the Silver Sled Race are welcome! If you have previously volunteered and would be interested in doing so again, please come out to share your experience and show your support!

About The Silver Sled Race Committee:
The Silver Sled Race Committee is a registered non-profit society dedicated to promoting and coordinating The Silver Sled dog race event, a 100 mile dog race from Haines Junction to Silver City and return. Several shorter races have also been traditionally organized and held on the same weekend by the Committee, ranging from 7 Miles to 50 Miles, including races for youth.

For more information email or call 634-3858


One thought on “The Silver Sled Race AGM, Saturday Jan 19, 3pm

  1. I would have liked to be there at the meeting for the silver sled, however, I was helping at the food drop for the quest. I think that alot of the mushers and volunteers there probably would have liked to come to the meeting because they, like me, would like to see this race happen, but with it being on the same date and time as the food drop, could not go. I hope that this race can happen and if there is another meeting, I would be there as I would definately like to do this race.

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