Twister Season Opener on Dec 9th at Mike & Jessica’s place

Dear Yukon Sled & Skijor Dogs,
Cold enough to go for a run? Once again a Yukon Brewing Twister Race is going to be held at Jessica and Mike Simon’s (Mayo Road KM 4.5) on Sunday December 9th, 2012. Registration is at 10 am. Race categories include 7mile sled (4-6 dogs), 7 mile ski (1-2 dogs), 3 mile recreational/pet (1 dog), 3 mile kids (2-4 dogs).
Let’s get out there and show those imperfect human creatures on their ridiculous skis and sleds what real strength and endurance is! Let’s try to dump them into deep snow banks and smack’em into trees, let’s make’em all go nuts by taking the wrong turns. How about a few tangles on the way? Just jump over a gang line, under your buddies tug line and back again. You will see: It makes them freak out! It will be another fun season!
Grab your harness and booties and come on out! Don’t forget your musher and make sure he/she is properly dressed (pure things don’t have fur). Since they are wimps the race will be cancelled if it is -30 Celsius (air temp) or colder.
See you out there!
Lead dog

2012_12 seasons opener


3 thoughts on “Twister Season Opener on Dec 9th at Mike & Jessica’s place

    • Hi David,
      Mike and Jessica’s place is about 1 km after the Takhini Gas Station on the left side (coming from town). Look for DPSAY trail marker or a sign indicating where to turn.
      See you out there

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