Silver Sled – Call for Board of Directors

After a four year hiatus, the Silver Sled Race Committee is seeking individuals interested in reviving the The Silver Sled dog race in Haines Junction to stand for nomination for all Board positions at the Annual General Meeting, (date to be announced).

An information meeting will be held at the Kluane Park Inn on Thursday, November 22, 2012, 7 pm, for all of those who may be interested but want to learn more about the Race and the Committee. If there are enough interested folks to stand for nomination, an Annual General Meeting will follow. If you are interested but cannot make the November 22nd meeting, or for more general information, please contact Stephanie Routley at 634-3858. Otherwise, we will see you at the KPI Pub on the 22nd!

About The Silver Sled Race Committee:
The Silver Sled Race Committee is a registered non-profit society dedicated to promoting and coordinating The Silver Sled dog race event, a 100 mile dog race from Haines Junction to Silver City and return. Several shorter races have also been traditionally organized and held on the same weekend by the Committee, ranging from 7 Miles to 50 Miles, including races for youth.


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