2013 River Runner 100

Hello everybody,

A few weeks ago an enthusiastic crowd of people met to bring the 2013 River Runner 100 Dog Race on its way. There are a few returning people in the formed committee that were already involved last year and there is also some fresh blood with new ideas and energy which will help a lot in making the 2013 race a great success!

Part of the committee are Virginia Sarrazin (Race Director), Stefan Wackerhagen (Trail Coordinator) with the assistance of Mike Simon, Sarah Best (Volunteer Coordinator), Adam Robinson and Martin Haefele (Sponsoring), Jessica Heath (Race vet) and Claudia Wickert (Race sign-ups and website).

But we are still looking for a few people that would like to join the committee and be part of a fun group to organize the race and take some work load off the others. We are looking for:

– A coordinator for the Mendenhall checkpoint

– A public relation coordinator to deal with advertisement of the event

– A Finish Banquet coordinator.

We will have our next meeting next Wednesday October 24, 2012 at 6pm at the Associated Engineering office (3rd floor, above Coast Mtn). If you want to join the committee please come to the meeting or if you don’t have time that day write to dogpoweredsports@gmail.com.

Thank you!

River Runner Committee


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