Pet First Aid Course a Success

The inaugural Alpine Vet/DPSAY First Aid Course happened on Tuesday evening with a full class of participants (the 12 spots were filled within 2 days of the course being announced!).

Here’s a note from Dr. Jess Heath, who coordinated the event:

“Thanks to everyone who came out to the Alpine Vet/DPSAY first aid course! We had a lot of fun going through physical exams, animal restraint, bandaging and animal emergencies. Special thanks to Michelle, Alicia and Rachael for their help in instructing. If there is any interest in a subsequent course, please let us know and we can plan another one in the next few months.”

Contact DPSAY ( or visit our facebook group page to share your interest for a future first aid course.

Gerry Willomitzer getting thanked from Bela.

Remember – DPSAY’s AGM and first summer race is in less than 3 weeks – Wednesday, June 20th at 7pm.


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