Hello Dog Sports enthusiasts

We have some bad news from the organizers of the Yukon Brewing Twister Race Series.

The Ibex Valley Finale is cancelled.

The original plan was to hold the race on the same trail as last year, the trail on the Scout Lake Rd in the Ibex Valley.  But unfortunately the trail has suffered damage from vehicle traffic and has been deemed unsafe to hold a race on by DPSAY board members. We tried to find a suitable alternate location but we were unsuccessful.  With the short time span remaining after the trail on the Scout Lake Rd was destroyed we are unable to get the old YDMA dog track trail ready for a race, and the Copperhaul Trail at Icy Waters also suffered damage this week from vehicle traffic and is now no longer safe to hold a race on.

The Organizers of the Yukon Brewing Twister Race series apologize to the DPSAY membership for not being able to hold a proper season finale this season, but there we still have some good news from DPSAY.

The Draw for the DPSAY 2012 Raffle will still be held this Sunday (April 8th) at Drag ‘N’ Kennels at KM 3 on the Old Alaska Hwy.  There will be a pot luck style BBQ starting at 3pm with the draw to follow.  The weather on Sunday is forecasted to be excellent, so we encourage everyone to come out and celebrate the success we did have this season, and share your stories of your favorite moments from the 2011/2012 season.

So remember everyone, this week is the last week to buy your raffle ticket for your chance to win Air North flights, a Skookum Anorak, or a Kanoe People gift certificate.


To purchase your winning ticket you can email dogpoweredsports@gmail.com or go to Duffy’s Pets, and if there are any tickets remaining you can buy them on Sunday at the potluck BBQ before the draw.


Ok we hope to see everyone out this Sunday at Drag ‘n’ Fly Kennels for the DPSAY Season Finale potluck BBQ.



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