River Runner 100 Race Update

Well The 2012 RR100 is wrapping up, the weather turned out to be ideal for racing sled dogs and the hard packed fast trail allowed the top placing teams to post some incredibly fast finish times. Volunteers and race organizers are still at the finish line are waiting for the last team to come in, but here are the unofficial results so far:

In the Sled Category, Normand Casavant drove the first team across the finish line at 7:12am to take 1st place in this year’s RR. Hans Gatt took 2nd crossing the finish line at 8:17am, Ed Hopkins finished 3rd at 8:37am, with Martine LeLevier finishing 4th at 8:49am, and Gerry Willowmitzer making the top 5 finishing at 9:05am. The remaining results are as follows: 6th Will Van Randen (9:46am) 7th Steve Gibbons (9:48am) 8th Claudia Wickert (9:49am) 9th Alex Rochat (9:50am) 10th Luc Tweddell (10:14am) 11th Adam Robinson (11:03:01am) 12th Brian Wilmshurst (11:03:02am) 13th Matty Mchugh (11:07am) 14th Petra Bachhuber (12:04am)

In the Skijor Category, Darryl Sheepway finished 1st with a total run time of 5hrs 44min to win this year’s RR Skijor. Gaetan Pierrard was 2nd with a time of 7hrs 43min and Amelie Janin was 3rd with a time of 9hrs 13min.

Congratulations to all the participants for finishing the 2012 RR100, keep posted to the blog for the official finish results which will be posted shortly.

We hope to see everyone out tonight for the 2012 RR100 Finish Banquet at 6pm in the Grey Mountain Room at the Mt. Mac Rec. Center.


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