Starting order for RR 100


Musher’s meeting was held this evening and teams are set for the race tomorrow. According to trail boss Darryl the well-marked trail is fast and good with a few “tricky” spots.

Here is the order in which teams will leave the starting chute at Shipyards Park tomorrow, starting at 3 pm with the three skijorers, followed by the 15 sled teams. Start interval will be 2 minutes between each team.


65mile Skijor
#21 Amelie Janin
#22 Gaetan Pierrard
#23 Darryl Sheepway

130mile sled
#1 Ed Hopkins
#2 Hans Gatt
#3 Steve Gibbons
#4 Petra Bachhuber
#5 Claudia Wickert
#6 Martine LeLevier
#7 Brian Wilmshurst
#8 Will van Randen
#9 Gerry Willomitzer
#10 Nathaniel Hamlyn
#11 Normand Casavant
#12 Adam Robinson
#13 Luc Tweddell
#14 Matt McHugh
#15 Alexandra Rochat

Good luck to all the racers!



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