Muktuk Adventures Race Day Results

It was a fantastic day today in the Ibex Valley for the fourth Yukon Brewing Twister Race of this season. The sun was shining and the temperature was ideal this morning for racing sled dogs. Muktuk Adventures Race Day saw 15 teams (5 Skijor and 10 Sled) come out to the old YDMA Dog Track to compete in today’s 9.1 mile course. 

Muktuk Adventures Race Day was hosted by Steve Gibbons who prepared and marked the trail.  He had it groomed well making for a hard packed and slick racing surface allowing teams to post some incredibly fast times.

In the sled category, Dave Johnson and his team took first with a time of 32:43, Megan Grabowsky was second with a time of 33:14 and Crispin Studer was came in third with a time of 36:05. This is the fourth win in a row for Dave Johnson and his team which makes them undefeated in the sled category this season. Will Dave make a clean sweep this season and win all six races or will another musher and team successfully post a faster time at one of the next upcoming two Twister events remaining this season.

In the Skijor Category Darryl Sheepway and his 4 dog team took first with a time of 36:35, followed closely by Jon Lucas who was second with a time of 37:24 and Claudia Wickert was third with a time of 38:20. The Skijor race in today’s event was one of the closest yet with only 3min and 34 seconds separating the 1st place team from the 5th place team.

The Kids category saw one entrant; Seth Carey who completed the 4 mile trail in 16 min and 20sec.  Congratulations again Seth! 

The organiser’s for today’s Yukon Brewing Twister Race Series event would like to thank our Race Day sponsor: Muktuk Adventures who generously donated the cash for today’s purse. We would also like to thank our merchandise prize sponsors; Yukon Brewing, Coast Mountain Sports, Icy Waters Arctic Char and Aurora Booties.

Muktuk Adventures Race Day Results in Full:

Sled Category:

Dave Johnson                               32:43

Megan Grabowski                        33:14

Crispin Studer                               36:05

Deb Knight                                     38:52

Fabian Schmitz                            45:53

Erin Stevens                                 46:38

Maria Hernetkoski                     48:38

Melissa Schenke                          50:09

Christina Reeves                          51:50

Gerry Willowmitzer                       52:57


Skijor Category:

Darryl Sheepway                          36:35

Jon Lucas                                       37:24

Claudia Wickert                            38:20

Stefan Wackerhagen                     38:33

Barb Anderson                                40:09 


Seth Carey                                  16:20

Ok Everyone, thanks again for coming out and supporting our events.  And please don’t forget, the RR100 is only a week away. Race organizers are still looking for volunteers, so if you are not participating already you can still sign up as a volunteer. Just email the DPSAY address and someone will be in touch with you.  Or you can also come down to shipyards park or Mendenhall on Saturday as a spectator.

Also please keep check our blog for updates on the RR, and future Yukon Brewing Twister events

Thanks again
Yukon Brewing Twister Race Series Organizers


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